Monday, August 15, 2005

A Broken Clock Tells the Right Time

Lord knows, I can count the number of Washington Post editorials that I've agreed with on one hand. But when they write this about the Transportation Bill:

The nation is at war. It faces large expenses for homeland security. It is about to go through a demographic transition that will strain important entitlement programs. How can this president -- an allegedly conservative president -- believe that the federal government should spend money on the Red River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center in Louisiana? Or on the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan? The bill Mr. Bush has signed devotes more than $24 billion to such earmarked projects, continuing a trend in which the use of earmarks has spread steadily each year. Remember, Republicans control the Senate and the House as well as the White House. So somebody remind us: Which is the party of big government?

I just can't drink the Kool-Aid and support the President on this one, even if it means being on the same side as the Post's editorialists. Either the Republican Party is against big government and budget deficits, or it isn't. Politics without principles is just a form of prostitution.

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