Thursday, August 04, 2005

Milestones... Milestones... Milestones!


This blog has experienced some serious growth in the last several weeks.

Back on July 13th, I wrote about hitting the 10,000 visitor mark. It had taken since October 31, 2004, roughly 81/2 months, to reach that goal.

Now, imagine my surprise to turn around and find that on August 1st, at 11:53:21 am CDT, visitor number 25,000 went into the books! In less than 3 weeks, this blog has had over 150% of the visitors it had in those first 81/2 months! Of course, it didn't hurt at all that the magnificent Mr. Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs linked to this post tweaking Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds! Heh! Ind**d! Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson!

Also, I want to again thank, as always, the wonderful Lorie Byrd of PoliPundit and Byrd Droppings fame and the great Pat Curley of Brainster's Blog and Lifelike Pundits. You folks are the greatest! I owe any success I ever experience as a blogger to the both of you, and I will never forget that!

And then, there is the TTLB Ecosystem. I remember being thrilled back in February to discover that I was an "Insignificant Microbe", which basically means that N.Z. Bear has recognized your existence as a blogger, but no one links to you yet. Then, the very next day, Pat Curley put me on his blogroll, and I instantly became a "Crunchy Crustacean"! Cool! In a relatively short time, I became a "Flippery Fish" for a little while, then was thrilled to death to be a "Flappy Bird" for a long time. Every so often, with a decent post that would get a few extra links, I would even sneak into the "Adorable Little Rodent" camp for a few days. Then, I joined up with The Alliance! As a result, I became a "Marauding Marsupial" with the extra links! Thanks, guys!

Now just today, a funny thing has happened. If you look down along the right sidebar, below the blogroll, you will see the words "Large Mammal". "Large Mammal"??? This little blog is a "Large Mammal"??? Major blogs are "Large Mammals," not little fish like me! Look quick, I don't know if that will last very long, but even a day among the big blogs is enough to make me well up with awe and pride!

If you are reading this, thank you! You have helped to make the success of this blog possible. A great big thank you goes out to anyone who has ever taken the time to read, post a comment on, or link to this blog! You are what it is all about!

Oh!... And, as if all that were not enough, there is a major announcement forthcoming here at The Right Place! Stay tuned... It's a doosy!

UPDATE: About that announcement I mentioned...


Thanks for the links and the kind words!

Pat Curley at Brainster's Blog.

Pat, you will always be a "Higher Being" in my eyes!

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