Saturday, August 06, 2005

George Galloway - TRAITOR

George Galloway is subhuman garbage!

What's new, right? Still, we've gone from despicable scumbag to utterly criminal waste of good oxygen! What he said on Arab Television the last couple of weeks is unbelievable and unforgivable! If these transcripts are even close to being accurate, the British should hunt him down, take him into custody, try him for treason, and execute him in a public square and show it live on TV! Why? Try some of this on for size:

On Syrian TV:
Mr. Blair is using this crime and all these dead people as a justification for this absurd idea of a war on terrorism. "Terror" is a word... Terror is a tactic, it's not a strategy. The idea that Muslims have some kind of sickness in their bodies, which must be cured, which is the idea behind Bush, behind Mr. Blair, and behind Mr. Berlusconi's government in Italy - It must be resisted. It's not the Muslims who are sick. It's Bush and Blair and Berlusconi who are sick. It's not the Muslims who need to be cured. It's the imperialist countries that need to be cured....

...Two of your beautiful daughters are in the hands of foreigners - Jerusalem and Baghdad. The foreigners are doing to your daughters as they will. The daughters are crying for help, and the Arab world is silent. And some of them are collaborating with the rape of these two beautiful Arab daughters. Why? Because they are too weak and too corrupt to do anything about it....

On Al-Jazeera:
It's not the Muslims who are the terrorists. The biggest terrorists are Bush, and Blair, and Berlusconi, and Aznar, but it is definitely not a clash of civilizations. George Bush doesn't have any civilization, he doesn't represent any civilization. We believe in the Prophets, peace be upon them. He believes in the profits, and how to get a piece of them. That's his god. That's his god. George Bush worships money. That's his god - Mammon.

Most of the children, most of the schools, most of the buses, were bombed by the United States. Let's keep this clearly in perspective: Most of the children who died in Iraq were killed by George Bush, not by Zarqawi. Most of the schools that were wrecked, buses that were bombed, hospitals that were destroyed, lives that were taken, were taken by George Bush, not by Zarqawi. Number two: Most of the resistance in Iraq is not Zarqawi, It's not foreign, whatever "foreign" means when Iraq is occupied by 250,000 foreign armies. Most of their resistance are Iraqis resisting the foreign occupation of their country. Most of the operations which they carry out are against the occupying forces and their collaborators, and this is normal in every liberation struggle.

(Emphasis mine.)

Cute, huh? Hey, George why don't you just openly call for the jihadis to kill more Americans, Britons, Italians, Israelis, Iraqis and anyone else that gets in the f**king way? Oh, wait... it seems to me you just did! May God strike you down where you stand, f**ktard!!! Oh, and burn in Hell!!!

Please excuse the language. George Galloway and Ward Churchill get to me like no one else!

(NOTE: This was going to be part of the blogosphere roundup I'm constructing, but it got me so mad, it got a post all it's own!)

h/t - Right Hand of God

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