Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cindy Sheehan's War - Con't

James Taranto: "[Cindy] Sheehan has been camping out a few miles from President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch, staging a protest that has received extensive media attention. Her demand: a meeting with President Bush. 'I want to ask George Bush, 'Why did my son die? What was the noble cause that he died for?'"

Taranto answers those questions by citing two mothers in New Jersey who also lost their sons in Iraq. Taranto also provides a link to a speech that Sheehan made on August 8 to Veterans for Peace.

Although this is a sensitive issue, Sheehan's loss of her son does not exempt her actions from scrutiny. Thankfully, people like Taranto are willing to toil in the vineyards to provide information that the MSM won't.


  • Christopher Orlet of The American Spectator weighs in on Sheehan here.
  • Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times comments on Sheehan here
  • Mohammed of Iraq the Model writes a Messaage to Cindy Sheehan here.
  • Joe Gandelman of A Moderate Voice writes about the implications of the Sheehan/Bush standoff here.
  • Kathleen Parker of the Houston Chronicle makes this trenchant observation:
    Whatever Sheehan hoped for in the beginning of her watch is irrelevant now. She and her cause have been usurped and distorted by the phenomenon of which she is the center. Her healing will have to wait until the next big story breaks and the media circus moves on.

    Read the rest of her article here.

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