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'Round the 'Sphere: August 6, 2005

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The New York Times has become an absolute joke. I know, I know, it's old news... but still, the depths to which they have plunged are sometimes mindboggling! First, they completely ignore a massive scandal brewing in their own backyard regarding Air(head) America Radio essentially stealing money from disadvantaged kids and Alzheimer's patients. Brian Maloney is the lead dog on this one. (Keep scrolling.)

Next, the NYT decides to go on a witchhunt of Supreme Court Nominee, Judge John G. Roberts, Jr., over the adoption of his two young children! Keep it up, boneheads. You're winning new converts everyday... to alternative media, that is! Captain's Quarters has the goods.

Is Iran supplying Iraqi insurgents? Captain Ed has the details on that, too... and a few questions.

There was a special election earlier this week to fill a vacant seat in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. The Democrat candidate, Paul Hackett, ran commercials playing up his status as an Iraq War veteran and making it look like he was all chummy with President Bush... meanwhile he trashed Bush on the stump, much to the delight of the Moonbats. So the Democrats are celebrating the results of the election in this normally Republican district - the only problem is... he lost! Rick Moran has a great round-up at RWNH.

The NCAA has just banned all mascots and team nicknames they deem might be offensive from any NCAA Tournaments. It's more PC run-amok! Erick at Red State has more.

90 Days in jail... that's what one lawyer got... for having sex with a minor... a 14 year old kid... he solicited over the Internet... and the lawyer, is HIV positive! Has your jaw dropped yet? The Hoot Owl has the story, and a follow-up.

h/t - Ace of Spades


So, the Air America scandal doesn't seem to interest much of the MSM. I wonder how the "groundbreaking" liberal talk radio network is doing in the ratings nowadays anyway, don't you? Pat Curley has a very thorough analysis, including every Top 20 market, and a little side note to boot!

This, from Fred Fry, is simply a great post: Signs that Allah (God) is not on Your Side

If you, like me, are into James Bond, and you are wondering what ever happened to the evil organization known as SPECTRE, Ace of Spades has the answer, along with a whole lot of other cool trivia about the series!

The Undergrad gives us a look at a great interview. I don't know if it is real or an urban legend, but the comeback line at the end is just too funny!


Alexander K. McClure of PoliPundit is busy doing what he does best this weekend, rounding up all the latest news on important political races from all over the country:


More to come...

Meanwhile, Jayson Javitz takes a look at the viability of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.


The Therapist is back from hiatus, with a vengeance:
UNICEF To Cater Air America Anniversary Bash

Along a similar vein, Scrappleface has some Rather interesting "news":
Air America Hires Dan Rather as Scandal Spokesman

Oh... and have you read about the "Save Air America Radio" Telethon yet?

Point Five says the NYT has the real dirt about Judge Roberts' adopted kids!

John Hawkins of Right Wing News had a little fun with the whole NYT/Roberts adoption kerfuffle in response to one of the questions in his weekly Q&A session.

Buckley F. Williams at TNOYF invites you to hop aboard The Peace Train! I think I'll pass...


It seems there is nothing "Great Leader" Kim Jong Il of North Korea can't do!

h/t - Pat Curley

Paul at Wizbang thinks he has found the Stupidest. News. Story. Ever.

CJ at VRWC #1 Member has a Dan Rather update.

Over at beleaguered Air America, it seems they are actually running a bumper sticker contest! No joke! Ankle Biting Pundits wants some more appropriate ideas.

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House offers us his Moonbat Blog Taxonomy. So... how far gone are your favorite lefty bloggers?

Speaking of the Moonbats, it seems they are at it again with a new conspiracy theory... yep - you probably guessed it - the Ohio CD-2 special election - STOLEN!

Right Wing News
DUmmie FUnnies
Brainster's Blog

So, tell me... how exactly IS this satire again?

This just in! The DUmmies think Americans are stupid!


Will Franklin (Look who got "honorable mention" last week! Heh!)


Outside the Beltway

(And, of course...) The Right Place

[Last week's Right Place Winners are HERE]

For more, be sure to check out OTB Caption Jam!


Carnival of Comedy

Carnival of the Clueless

Carnival of the Vanities

Carnival of Classiness

And this week's bonus... Carnival of History

Carnival of the Insanities is up and ready!


Tragically, Writer/Blogger Steven Vincent was found murdered in Iraq this past week. Lorie Byrd has more.

Say it isn't so! The great Arthur Chrenkoff has announced he is going to quit blogging as a condition of his new job! He will be sorely missed.

h/t - Big Cat Chronicles

Lose some, win some! Longtime favorite Michael Barone has a new blog!

h/t - Betsy's Page

This is an absolute MUST READ for all bloggers, Ace of Spades gives some terrific tips on How to Get Linked!

And speaking of blogger news...

We here at the Right Place have had a lot to celebrate this week:
Milestones... Milestones... Milestones!

And, yes, I do mean WE:
Please Welcome, Stephen Johnson!

Steve's first two efforts are linked below:
A Tale of Two Johns
Talk Radio

Show him some love, folks!

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