Sunday, August 28, 2005

Now You Know Why They Call Him "Brainster"

A round of applause for our buddy Pat Curley at Brainster's Blog and Lifelike Pundits!

First of all, his brilliant fisking of a ludicrous column from the New York Times' resident Moonbat, Paul Krugman, appears to have actually played a role in forcing Mr. Krugman to first, waste a column trying to defend his silly assertions, and then, later on, have to (more or less) partially correct himself! Bravo, Pat!

Meanwhile, are you tired of arguing with liberals about whether or not President Bush lied about yellowcake from Niger? Pat puts the issue to rest once and for all! A must read!

On top of that, Pat was nominated by Watcher of Weasels for non-council post of the week for this hilarious send up of the Fantastic Four!

Wow! What a week, Pat! Congratulations!

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