Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Destruction of Security

If you were ambivalent about the ACLU and civil liberty attorneys with their attacks on religion or their defense of the sick and depraved (namely NAMBLA) over our children, maybe this will finally change your mind. The ACLU and various "civil liberty" attorneys are filing motions and possibly civil suits against the President over information that may or may not have come from the NSA information gathering techniques. Which the liberals like to call "wiretapping."

One example of this is the case of Iyman Faris of Ohio. This man admitted that he was involved in a plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, yet he now has an attorney, David B. Smith, who is filing a motion to find out if the information that led to his client's arrest was acquired through the NSA and their supposed use of illegal "wiretaps." Mr. Smith said that they are also considering a civil suit against President Bush for making Mr. Faris a target of an illegal wiretap.

Now the use of the term "wiretap" is incorrect. There were no specific taps on any specific phone of any specific person. That would be an illegal wiretap. What is really happening is a massive amount of information is being gathered by different techniques and then the information is gleaned for any references to known terrorists groups or individuals. This is how both Mr. Faris and the so-called Lakawanna Six were found out.

By filing these suits against the NSA and President Bush, these attorneys as well as many of the liberal left, including the New York Times who originally broke the story, are hoping to expose our government's information gathering techniques. Not only would this destroy one way we are being protected from terrorists, but it would also give crucial information to the terrorists. They will find out how the NSA is gathering information and they will change their ways of communicating, leaving the NSA to start all over again to try and find out information on our enemies!

This is an example of how the ACLU, civil liberty attorneys and the liberal left, through their absolute hatred of President Bush, would like to see our country fail in the war against terror. I keep thinking of the liberal left being the "Tokyo Rose" of the war on terror. Here is a little food for thought: Had this information gathering technique been in use prior to 9/11, the communications between Mohammed Atta and several of the other hijackers would have been exposed and the attack of 9/11 could very well have been stopped!

Information gathered from: Rightwing Nuthouse and Washington Post Op-Ed by David Ignatius.

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