Thursday, December 01, 2005

Presenting: The DNC's "Sounds of the Season"

In an effort to raise funds for their diminishing coffers, the folks at the DNC have introduced a "seasonal" recording featuring some of your favorite Jackasses and Moonbats singing some familiar (if somewhat altered) tunes, as well as one or two originals. And not to worry, PC Police, there's no mention of "You Know Who" and His Birth anywhere on it!

Here is what you get...

Sen. Harry Reid
"O Little Town of Searchlight"

Sen. Hillary Clinton
"I Caught Bill Kissing Mrs. Claus"

The ACLU Chorus
"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Every Other Day"

Harry Belafonte
"Cindy's Boy Child"

The Air America Boys & Girls' Club Choir
"It's the Most Plunderful Crime of the Year"

Cindy Sheehan
"O Come All Ye Moonbats"

Valerie Plame
"Ding-Dong! Merrily I Spy"

Gov. Bill Richardson
"I Got Caught in a Snow Draft"

Sen. John Kerry
"Christmas in Cambodia"

DNC Chairman Howard Dean
"Go, Yell It at the Caucus!"

Sen. Ted Kennedy
"Your Grandma Got Run Over by My Lexus"

Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie & John Huang
"We Three Bagmen of Orient Are"

Monica Lewinsky
"The Little Hummer Girl"

Minister Louis Farrakhan
"I Ain't Dreamin' of No White Christmas!"

Former Vice-President Al Gore
"Baby, It's Cold Outside (And It's All Due to Global Warming!)"

The Boston Poops
"Pussyfootin' Around the Holiday Tree"

Judith Miller
"You're a Mean One, Mr. Pinch (Sulzberger)!"

French President Jacques Chirac
"Peugeots Roasting on an Open Fire"

Sen. Robert Byrd
"Kleagle Bells"

Gov. Kathleen Blaco & Mayor Ray Nagin
"Up on the House Top (Don't Look at Us, It's All FEMA's Fault!)"

Rep. John Murtha
"Bring Them Home by Christmas - Oh, Wait! That's Not What I Mean..."

The PETA Warrior Chorale
"Rudolph, Our Cruelly Enslaved Animal Brother"

The CNN Orchestra and Chorus
"Have Yourself a Merry Little 'X'-mas!"

The Kos Kidz
"All We Want for Fitzmas Is the Veep Impeached"

Michael Newdow
"You Wish Me a Merry Christmas... and I'll Sue Your A$$ Off!"

Hurry and order now! Operators are standing by!


UPDATE 12/6: Don't miss some more great "seasonal" song ideas from readers in the comments section!

UPDATE 12/8: Our newest satire piece, also with a Yuletide theme is posted HERE!


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