Friday, December 02, 2005

'Round the 'Sphere: 12/2/05

Vote Early, Vote Often, and Whenever Possible - VOTE FOR ME!!!

Sunday, December 4th, The 2005 Weblog Awards will kick-off with the announcement of the finalists in each category. Voting is scheduled to take place December 5th - 15th.

The Right Place has been nominated in several categories, and, amazingly enough, not just self-nominated in every case! Wow!

While it would be an honor beyond comprehension to be named a finalist in just one category, I must say I am not holding my breath! But thank you to those who thought enough of us to nominate us - you know who you are - it is quite an honor!

I myself nominated a number of blogs in several different categories and I hope at least some of you make the finals! Good luck to everyone!

In the meantime, Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has started her own awards program, The 2005 BadBlog Awards. You can help name categories and nominees for all the most annoying bloggers, blogs and blogging habits. Here's your opportunity to get back at someone out there that has just really ticked you off - but in a fun way!

Aaron has been taking time off from blogging of late, but Beth has popped up over there, too, to pick up where Aaron left off with the Deck o' Bloggers. Go help pick out the King & Jack of Hearts!

And, doggone it, anyway! I still don't know if I got enough bonus points to make the cut on the Spades! Will I ever get my card???

Show Me the Funny!

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose on Your Face offers us: Top 9 Other Saddam Prison Complaints

Pat Curley has a real life story about a guy who is having a really bad day!

Steve H. of Hog on Ice is still one the best bloggers out there. Lately, he's been spending a lot of time taking Open Pajamas Media Source (or whatever they are calling it this week) to task. Unrelated to that, however, is this gem I somehow missed until recently. Make sure you put down your drink before perusing Steve's take on The Wizard of Oz!


Chris Short at Conservative Thinking has caught Fox News in a serious faux pas - and he's a little miffed about it! It seems he's got their attention, though. Go check it out. I found the whole thing pretty amusing, actually!

Blogger News

Even though she seems to have failed to mention it herself, be sure to wish a Happy Blogiversary to Kitty, whose wonderful blog, Kitty Litter, turned one on November 30th!

Speaking of Kitty, she picked a winner earlier this week for her recent HR"C" Contest, and its a good one!

Blogging About Blogging

This article about blogging styles from Mister Snitch! is well worth a read for any other bloggers out there, and there is some fascinating stuff in the comments section as well!

Okay, Beth! How incongruous is it to write a blog post about how annoying it is when people blog about blogging? Trust me, I'm fairly certain that she already sees the irony!

Carnival Rides!

Carnival of Crazy #11 at WunderKraut (Its first time away from its FIU home!)

Carnival of Classiness at WILLisms (Back after a brief hiatus!)

Carnival of the Vanities #167 at File It Under...

Carnival of Comedy #31 at The (not so) Daily Me

Carnival of Satire #11 at the skwib

NOTE: Some more great carnivals will be added to this list when they are ready!

Not enough? A list of all the latest, greatest carnivals can be found HERE!

Illinois Bloggering

It's my homestate, after all, so forgive me if I pimp some homespun goodness for once!

The Conservative Cat (another Illinois native) hosts Illini Carnival - Carnival of the Vicious, Invading Paleface Bastards #8, a great weekly roundup of local bloggers.

John Ruberry's Marathon Pundit should be required reading for anyone with a stake in Illinois politics. Needless to say, if you are from Illinois, you need to be checking it out on a regular basis, but it is also dedicated to subjects of national interest as well.

Some key local-interest stories John has been working on lately:

Anthony Porter case breaks wide open; the Porter story triggered the emptying of Illinois' death row

Congressman Bobby Rush faces mortgage foreclosure

Recently, John added a second blog to his arsenal called Illinois Marathon Pundit. It's not updated as frequently, but may bear watching in the run-up to the Governor's race here next fall (as well as many other important races).

We now return you to your general lack of fresh posts...

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