Friday, December 23, 2005

'Round the 'Sphere: Christmas Weekend 2005 Edition

Other People's Funny

The Man and Flip team up on The [Unofficial] Not For Tourists Guide to NYC - Strike Edition at GOP and the City [Crossposted at Suitably Flip]

Buckley F. Williams gives us TNOYF's Guide To Dealing With Your Family During Christmas: Part I and Part II (with Part III pending) at The Nose on Your Face

In the latest of a continuing series, Stew Magoo gets even with another telemarketer in Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Riiiiiiing

V the K has a new version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bush style!

Carnival Carnivale

Set sail on the Carnival of Comedy #34 at IMAO

Carnival of the Clueless #26 at Right Wing Nut House

Carnival of Satire #14 at the skwib

The First Annual Carnival of Christmas at Adam's Blog

Carnival of the Vanities #170 at Ravenwood's Universe

Bonfire of the Vanities #129 at Red Guy in a Blue State

Carnival of the Insanities #18 at Dr. Sanity

Carnival of Liberty #25 at Searchlight Crusade

A little bit older, but think of them like fine wine or really nasty cheese...

Carnival of Crazy #12 at File It Under...

Carnival of Classiness #28 at WILLisms

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Merry Christmas, everybody!

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