Friday, December 16, 2005

Patience, Dear Readers (Excuses, Excuses...)

Friday was Mr. Right's birthday.

He celebrated it by going to work, coming home, shoveling snow and then working on cleaning his filthy house so that the dozen or more people coming to visit tomorrow don't see what a pig he really is. Fun. Especially scrubbing caked on bird poop off of the bird cages! And the carpet... and the walls... and the furniture...

I would have been happy with one bird. My wife decided we needed four! Plus a guinea pig, two teddybear hamsters and three aquariums full of various aquatic lifeforms. I have often joked that we need to charge admission when people come over to our avizooquarium! They're all very cute, but also very, very messy! My wife helped, of course, but only after she got home from working the second of her two jobs. We have both been so busy this week, we are way behind. It will take a Christmas miracle to whip this place into proper shape by tomorrow evening!

In spite of it all, I still owe it to all of you to put up the results of the photo contest from this week, which received a record number of entries! I also need to find a good picture for the new one. I am trying to accomplish this now, so that they are ready by morning. I only hope I can stay awake long enough to finish! If not, rest assured that I will post the goodies ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding, and Merry Christmas!

p.s., Wanna buy a bird?

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