Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Right Brothers

(As opposed to the Wright Brothers.) These guys are a conservative band and they have a great song called "Bush Was Right." Right March is trying to raise the money to get the video on MTV. If they can't get it on MTV, they're taking it to the media. Well, here, this is what the article says and a link to watch part of the video. It's pretty good. I saw them on C-Span's broadcasting of the Pro-troops rally in DC (the one that countered Cindy's Pinko group).
Now, the band has put together a GREAT music video -- and we're ready to launch our grassroots campaign to get hundreds of thousands of people to request "Bush Was Right!" on MTV's "Total Request Live" show... leading to our demands for it to be played in regular rotation!

(And if they DON'T - then we'll hit the media in a BIG way, showing how MTV plays left-wing videos while CENSORING conservative videos!)

You can view a preview of this new video NOW! Click here:

Small file: The Right Brothers

Large file: The Right Brothers

This is what the youth in America need. They're already bombarded with songs on the radio and videos on MTV that trash our President, conservative beliefs, and traditional American values. And of course, everywhere they turn, the mainstream media is lying to them about the FACTS -- like the FACT that WMDs *were* found in Iraq, or the FACT of clear, uncontested, proven links between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and Al Qaeda, or the FACTS of all of the GOOD news that's happening in Iraq, which the media refuses to report!

We think it's time they hear the truth about Iraq... the truth about the economy... the TRUTH... set to music -- so we're launching a full-out nationwide campaign to get this new song full of TRUTH onto MTV and radio stations across America!

Right March is looking for donations to get the video on MTV, but I just wanted to get the word out there because it slams the left's lies and we always like that! Here's what Right March says about the left and their reaction to the song.
P.S. The Left absolutely HATES this song! It's already been played on the liberal talk radio network "Air America" (on THREE different shows!), just to try to cut it down. And MSNBC's liberal loon, Keith Olbermann, played it too -- and almost choked on his coffee! (would have loved to see that!)

On left-wing websites across the entire Internet, liberals are literally blowing their fuses because of this song! And you wouldn't BELIEVE the HATE MAIL that's overflowing the e-mail boxes at AND The Right Brothers' website. Hundreds... THOUSANDS of letters pouring in, full of the most vile and putrid verbiage you could possibly imagine.

So, enjoy this bit of the video and pass it along to the teens in your life. It's a great way to start up a conversation about the liberal "stuff" they may be learning in school and then you can set them straight!

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