Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Frequent Flyers Club Mileage Awarded!

Awhile back, while tweaking my blogroll for the 500th time (or so it seemed), I thought it might be a cool idea to recognize and thank those with blogs of their own who were regular visitors, commenters, e-mailers and/or linkers to this blog. It is, after all, due to such folks that we continue to grow and thrive here!

And so, the Frequent Flyers Club was born!

Then, about a month and a half later, I expanded the club to include a few folks I had missed the first time around, as well as some newer friends who had started to hang around here more often.

As they say, membership has its perks! First, you get a prime location at the top of my blogroll, highlighted with bold print. Next, I post a link-loaded write-up like this one, hoping it might get some of you a few extra hits from readers who might like to check out something new. I also like to encourage all my previous and new inductees to visit each other's blogs and check them out. After all, if you all like to hang around here, you must have something in common, right? Also, I tend to check in on my FFC blogs a little more often than I otherwise might have before.

This time, I've made a few more changes by introducing a "Vanguard" for folks to whom I owe so very much for the success of this blog. I also started listing bloggers by name and home state (or province, or even country where applicable) along with the links to their blogs. I also added all of the blogs from this special area back into my standard blogroll as well, just in case it might help get you noticed by someone somewhere along the line.

The new inductees are as follows...

  • CJ [aka Capitalist Infidel & Rumplemintz] (NC)

    VRWC #1 Member

    The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy

  • CJ was an early acquaintance at PoliPundit as well as at Jayson Javitz's sorely missed solo blog, Political Vice Squad. He used to live just up the road from me here in Illinois until his recent move to North Carolina. His own blog, VRWC #1 Member, is one I used to frequent quite a bit, and he would pop in here, too, from time to time. This induction is way overdue, but we did seem to lose touch awhile back. Welcome aboard, CJ. Hopefully, we can start running into each other more often again!

  • Damian G. (NY)


  • Damian G. has been a regular contributor to our weekly photo caption contests for some time now. Thank you, sir!

  • Jake Jacobsen (IL)

    Freedom Folks

  • A fellow Illinois blogger who has recently become a frequent commenter and has linked here a number of times already. Thanks!

  • Jayson Javitz (CA)


  • A huge oversight not to put him among the original class, as he was one of the people who most influenced my own desire to start blogging! Since I had already put PoliPundit in the FFC under the most gracious Lorie Byrd, and Jayson's solo blog, which I used to visit daily had long gone away, I failed to properly thank another blogger who has always been kind to me and whom I have conversed with frequently on the threads of PoliPundit and Political Vice Squad, and even, on a few occasions, through e-mail! Welcome, JJ! And thanks for everything!

  • John, the Armorer

    Argghhh! The Home of Two of Jonah's Military Guys +1

  • Our first full-blown FFC milblogger, John has been kind enough to link here quite frequently the last month or so. Thank you, sir! And may God bless and keep you and all of your comrades in arms, who do so much more for all of us than we can ever properly thank you for!

  • MN Blogger (MN)

    MN Blogger

  • MN Blogger has become quite a regular around here in the comments and links to us all the time! Thank you, and welcome aboard!

  • Mr. Snitch (NJ)

    Mister Snitch!

  • Mr. Snitch plays in our caption contests regularly and has linked to us on a couple of occasions, too! Thanks!

  • Omnibus Driver (IL)

    Leslie's Omnibus

  • Leslie has been a regular visitor for some time now, and has corresponded with me by e-mail. She, too, is a Chicago area blogger. Welcome!

  • Mark A. Rayner (Ontario)

    The Skwib

  • Mark has been kind enough to include a number of my regular satire pieces in his weekly Carnival of Satire. Thank you, sir!

  • V the K (MD)

    Caption This!

  • The man who has all but taken over the caption contests here. Given that he has a blog of his own dedicated to funny photo captions, should that really be any surprise? Thanks for all the laughs, and welcome aboard!

    More to come...

    There are a number of other folks who I am keeping an eye on as well for possible inclusion in the next round of inductions, but, as always, some future inductees will likely seem to pop up out of the blue in the interim as well! If you are a frequent visitor here, and have a blog of your own, let me know of your presence via comments, e-mails and, of course, links, and you can join, too!

    In the meantime, if you have us on your blogroll, but do not appear on ours, just let me know and I will fix that!

    As always, thank you, also, to all of our previous inductees. Merry Christmas, everybody!

    Right Place Contributors

  • Anna (OH)

    A Rose by Any Other Name

    Warm 'n Fuzzy Conserva-Puppies

  • Giacomo [aka T.M. Ergin] (NH)

    Joust the Facts

  • The Vanguard

  • Lorie Byrd (NC)

    Byrd Droppings


  • Pat Curley (AZ)

    Brainster's Blog

    Lifelike Pundits

  • Rodney Dill

    Outside the Beltway

  • Will Franklin (TX)


  • Hoodlumman (TX)

    File It Under...



  • Buckley F. Williams

    The Nose on Your Face

  • Frequent Flyers Club

  • The Anchoress

    The Anchoress

  • Charles Austin (IL)
    [Back to blogging again after an extended absence!]
    Sine Qua Non Pundit

  • Basil (AL)

    Basil's Blog

    It's a Pundit

    Pyjamas Media (nee Open Sore Media)

  • Bohemianlikeyou

    Where Have You Gone, Ronald Reagan?

  • Bruce & Ferdy (IL)

    The Conservative Cat

  • Bullwinkle (Mexico; TX expat)

    The Bullwinkle Blog

    Random Numbers

  • Chris (NM)

    Lucky Dawg News

  • Dr. Phat Tony (AL)

    Dr. Phat Tony's

  • Gateway Pundit (MO)

    Gateway Pundit

  • Howie

    The Jawa Report

  • I. Ronnie (NC)

    Now That's Ironic

  • Jeanette (SC)

    Oh How I Love Jesus

  • JimmyB (OH)

    The Conservative UAW Guy

  • Kimsch (IL)

    Musing Minds

  • Stew Magoo (GA)

    Get Stewed

  • The Man (NY)

    GOP and the City

  • Rick Moran (IL)

    Right Wing Nut House

  • Kitty Myers (NY)

    Kitty Litter

    Lifelike Pundits

  • Betsy Newmark (NC)

    Betsy's Page

  • Newton (TX)

    Oh How I Love Jesus

  • Pluto's Dad (IL)

    Eyes on the Ball News

  • Rob B. (TX)

    File It Under...

  • John Ruberry (IL)

    Marathon Pundit

    Illinois Marathon Pundit

  • Dr. Pat Santy (MI)

    Dr. Sanity

  • Dr. Rusty Shackleford

    The Jawa Report

  • Chris Short (CO)

    Conservative Thinking

    The Jawa Report

  • Headmistress SondraK

    Knowledge Is Power

  • Spacemonkey (AL)

    The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles


  • Don Surber (WV)

    Don Surber

    It's a Pundit

  • Windhamite (OH)

    The Windhamite

  • Inactive, but not forgotten...

  • Oregano

    Cafe Oregano

  • Charly Goehring (CA)

    Reformed Politics

  • ******************************

    Thanks for the links!

    Basil's Blog

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