Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hang in There, Baby!

Jeanette and all the other wonderful gals at Oh How I Love Jesus have teamed up with Kimsch (yet another wonderful gal) from Musing Minds to form a new blog...

This new blog is dedicated to keeping Conservatives motivated for the upcoming elections, so that we don't allow the left-wing kooks to gain control of any portion of Congress, which could only serve to damage our cause and our country! Judging from some of the debates I've seen and engaged in myself between and among supposed Conservatives lately, we need all the help we can get holding this thing together! Thank you, ladies.

And to anyone reading this, remember. Not voting for Republicans only means helping Democrats. Not only does that not further the Conservative cause, it does terrible harm to it!

Don't believe me? Try stomaching some of these ideas: Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, Chairman Conyers, Chairman Rangell, Chairman Kennedy, Chairwoman Clinton... have you thrown up yet? Okay, I'll stop... but only if you promise to vote Republican!

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