Monday, May 22, 2006

Sorry State of the Blog


First, I must humbly apologize to everyone for the lack of attention this blog has been receiving lately. The one thing I have been trying hard to maintain, despite a lack of time, has been the weekly photo caption contest. This week, I failed miserably.

Not to bore anyone with the details, but my wife and I had decided we would host a "landmark" birthday party for my Father this year. His 75th birthday is this Wednesday, the party was on Sunday. As we tried to whip the place into shape, dealing with chores we normally let go for weeks or months at a time (then rush to do to put forth our best appearance for company), it became obvious the closer we got that we were running hopelessly behind. I was last online on Friday afternoon when I took a break after doing some yardwork. I figured I would at least have a chance late Friday or Saturday to put the new contest up and let everyone know the judging of the old contest would be late... but then, the real complications began to kick in: an overflowing bathroom sink and resulting flood late Friday night; a wife who was sick and unable to get much done while I was away at work on Saturday; fruit punch getting dumped all over the light colored family room carpet at 1am Sunday as we worked hard to catch up; get the drift. Blogging became impossible.

I was able to get on earlier today, for a blink of the eye, to check my e-mail, but then had other obligations to fulfill until a short time ago. I just now sat down and got reacquainted with my computer!

I will be trying harder to get some posts that are not photo caption related up occasionally in the near future, though I cannot blog full time unless someone would like to pay me a living wage to do it! And yes, I would dearly love to get back in the humor post game, but in addition to time shortages, my muse hasn't been singing lately. Hopefully, some new inspiration will strike soon. I'd much rather wait until I have something good, instead of just posting something mediocre for the hell of it.

Anyway, that is the scoop with me. As for my co-bloggers, I have received an e-mail from Anna apologizing for her lack of posts, but it is completely understandable. She, too, has been very busy, and has her own blog, A Rose By Any Other Name, to worry about as well.

T.M. is still going strong at Joust the Facts and, until recently, was still posting a couple times a month here, but hey, when the site owner isn't pulling his weight, he certainly can't expect others to make up for it, especially when they have their own sites to maintain.

As for Stephen, I must try to touch base with him again. I have spotted his comments in different places we both frequented earlier this week after the PoliPundit break-up fiasco, but he hasn't been heard from here in quite some time. I miss him.

In any case, I don't blame any of them for not posting when I myself have had so little time to keep up with things here. I can only hope the situation will improve in the coming months, so we are back up to speed in time for the next election cycle.

God knows, any Democrat advances are, as far as I am concerned, an absoulte tragedy for America, as I now see them only as a party of anger, name-calling, naysaying, gloom, doom, despair, pass the buck, blame America first, pander to foreign interests, incite the kook base and even, at times, out and out treason... all in the name of Bush hatred and an attempt to win back power at any price. It can not be allowed to happen, and I intend to be here, even in a limited capacity, to help fight it!

The War on Terror begins at home. Before we can win it over there, we must win it here first. Our enemies here have made themselves known, and they must never be allowed to win!!!

Sorry, that's the kind of pent up ranting one has building inside of them when they don't vent enough, but I meant every last word of it... and I'm not taking it back!

Now... back to the entertainment. The new contest will be ready shortly.

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