Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Return of Wictory Wednesdays!

John C.A. Bambenek of Part-Time Pundit has resurrected Wictory Wednesdays:

Wictory Wednesday has returned! It is a once-a-week event where hundreds of bloggers ask their readers to support a Republican candidate by donating to their campaign (or at least blogging about them). After over a year break, I've taken the initiative to set it back up and put it together again. 2006 is a big election year and now is the time to assert the influence of the grass roots (or the "connected" will assert it for us).

Each Wednesday, I will send out the "default" candidate to support for that week. Since we aren't Democrats or liberals, you are free to change the candidate and support someone else of your own choice. We like free-thinkers here. All we ask is that you support some candidate on Wednesday and help advance the ideas we hold dear.

Details on how you, too, can join the effort are available by clicking on the above link.

Republican control of our government is much too important to take any chance of losing. The consequences could very well be catastrophic!

I have embraced the opportunity to help. I hope many more of you will also.

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