Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lorie Byrd Joins Wizbang!

As many of you know by now, PoliPundit kicked all four of his "guest bloggers" (Lorie Byrd; DJ Drummond; Alexander K. McClure; and Jayson Javitz) off his site in a rather angry disagreement with all of them over his increasingly bellicose attacks on President Bush regarding the illegal immigration issue.

As a result, I lost most of the reason I had for regularly reading that blog, which is a shame. PoliPundit was the very first blog I ever frequented, the first one I ever commented at, and the blog I credit with getting me into blogging in the first place. The things that made it great were the diverse opinions and styles of the various talented writers, as well as some of the very insightful commenters who could be frequently found debating within the threads.

Late last year, things began to change for the worse over there. Many of the regular commenters I used to so enjoy reading and visiting with on open threads (which had mysteriously ceased) began to disappear. The tone of the blog became decidedly angrier and more negative and the threads less and less civil. Then, last week, came the messy break up.

The unquestionable star of the PoliPundit blog was never PoliPundit him or herself, it was Lorie Byrd. In the aftermath, Lorie renamed her personal blog from Byrd Droppings to Lorie Byrd.com and also switched over to a custom URL (though the old one still works). She had been blogging there on her own ever since, but now has also joined the gang over at Wizbang, where I believe she will fit in very well. Her first post over there is RIGHT HERE.

Meanwhile, DJ Drummond can be found at his own site, Stolen Thunder, where he recently posted an update on everybody else from PoliPundit.

I had already heard that Alexander had agreed to join RedState, but I have yet to spot a post from him there.

Jayson, it seems, is opting out of the blogging game for the time being. I hope he, too, will return someday soon.

I wish them all the very best. Be sure to drop by their new homes and wish them well, especially Lorie, to whom I, and a great many other small bloggers, owe so very much!

Also, be certain to visit some of the wonderful friends I made there over the years at the wonderful blogs Oh How I Love Jesus and Musing Minds.

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