Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Paranoia the Destroyer

I must admit, I often read DUmmie FUnnies, a weblog committed to spotlighting the kookiest of the many rabidly paranoid threads at the Democratic Underground (DU). My explorations into the paranoid leftist mindset have resulted in many fine satire posts over the past year (at least, I hope you enjoyed them). The problem is, the reality of their debauchery now trumps any attempts at parody!

DUFU has been in all its glory for the last several weeks after the whole TruthOut "scoop" that Karl Rove had been indicted by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald on May 12 turned out to be absolute caca and caused a DUmmie meltdown of Chernobyl-like proportions. Then came the news about the non-existent Hastert investigation, and the phony Special Forces member admitting to war crimes hoax.

However, nothing tops this post for pure, unadulterated paranoid lunacy on full display. (HINT: The kookiest stuff is in the second half of the thread, keep reading!) Want to know why we need to make certain the Democrats NEVER regain power in this country? It is to keep people like those on this thread from having any influence over U.S. government policy! Here is a shining example of the Democrats' kook base in all their naked glory! A must read that will open your eyes to just how absolutely, certifiably NUTS the far-left-wing really and truly is!

Besides, it is damned funny, too! Enjoy!

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