Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Ex-PoliPundit Blogger News...

Lorie Byrd posted this at Wizbang Politics late Tuesday night:

On behalf of myself and Alexander, I would like to welcome D.J. Drummond as a contributor to Wizbang Politics. Readers familiar with me and Alexander from our blogging days at Polipundit, already know D.J. well.

D.J. will be doing political commentary and analysis here, and will continue to blog on a broad range of subjects at his blog, Stolen Thunder.

Jayson Javitz, another former fellow guest blogger at Polipundit, was also invited to be a contributor, but he is too busy working for a living to blog these days. If and when his schedule allows for blogging in the future, he has a standing invitation.

This is great news for fans of the old PoliPundit blog! I only hope Jayson can find the time to join the rest of them soon. As I commented there: "I really miss his input, and we need to be reminded now more than ever how dumb it is for conservatives to defeat their own causes by sitting out elections to send their 'messages'!" (A favorite theme of many of JJ's posts.)

Congratulations to everyone, and best wishes!

DJ's first post there bears reading: The Myth Of The Third Party.

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