Tuesday, June 06, 2006

'Round the 'Sphere: June 6, 2006

Lyn Perry of Bloggin' Outloud is back from hiatus and blogging again.

One problem: This high-ranking KGB* man is rumored to be holding numerous bloggers hostage in an effort to get moved to the front of the line for a Basil's Blog interview session.

Reports say that he is armed with a squirt gun full of rancid mayonnaise, and that he is not afraid to use it! Please help save the hostages by sending questions for Lyn to basil(dot)interviews(at)gmail(dot)com (Subject Line: Questions for Lyn of Bloggin' Outloud) ASAP!

*[KGB: Kansas Guild of Bloggers]

Congratulations to the gang at FIU, who celebrated two major milestones at the same time over the weekend: Their second blogiversary and their 100,000th visitor!

Be sure to stop by and help get them on their way to 250k!

Aaron of aaron's cc: has been the subject of repeated denial of service and hacker attacks lately, coming from (what else) militant Islamist pigs. But Aaron has not lost his sense of humor. [WARNING: Link could be offensive to Islamofacist whackjobs and hyper-sensitive moonbat types who "feel" their pain! Everyone else is in for a good laugh.] (h/t Chris at Lucky Dawg News)

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