Monday, June 05, 2006

Captions Outrageous! Winners [In Over Her Head Edition]

Announcing the winners of the 46th ever Right Place Photo Caption Contest!

Thank you to one and all who participated!

Presenting the top 30 captions for this picture from AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta via Yahoo!


-- Both Harry Reid and James Clyburn attempt to ignore Ted Kennedy lying on the ground, peeking up Nancy Pelosi's dress.

-- "Officer, I swear, the squirrel that mugged me was THIS tall. No, I am NOT on any medications."

-- "When you pull on the little dangly thing here, the light goes on and off above Harry's head. Watch, I'll show you."


-- Nancy Pelosi, on a one-day furlough from "Happy Acres" to attend a Memorial Day picnic, gives a rousing rendition of "I'm a Little Teapot".

-- "As a Democrat, I obviously don't have anything relevant to say, so I will now use my allotted time to give you my impersonation of the yellow-throated warbler".

D. Carter

-- "You're right, Harry, no shadow. And we can't be seen in mirrors either?"

Dave E.

-- ♪ Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forest

Dr. Phat Tony

-- "The credibility of the Democrat Party hangs by this thread, right here."

Good Lt

-- "Integrity? Sure, the Democrats have integrity. We have this much!"

-- PELOSI: "We're looking to the future of Democratic leadership and we see... we see... help me here, Harry."

REID: "Sorry, Nancy, I can't see a damn thing."


-- "On the count of three, let's all sing 'Don't Fence Me In' ."

radio free fred

-- AP BREAKING: Pelosi leaves congress to replace Señor Wences, as Señora Wenches.

Rodney Dill

-- REID: (Thought bubble) "C'mon, Nancy. You haven't heard of 'shrinkage'? For Heaven's sake... they even had a SEINFELD episode on it!"

Steve O

-- PELOSI: "If I could just figure out how to squish heads..."


-- "You mean, you can't see the Pooka?"

-- "How many people here think they're gonna be the next speaker of the house... not so fast, Ms. Pelosi!"

-- "Zip it! Ziiiiiiiiiip iiiiiiiiittttttt!"

-- ♪ Walk like an Egyptian

-- ♪ You stack six foot, seven foot, eight foot BUNCH!

-- "Nancy Pelosi removes the last piece of feces from her hair after finally getting her head out of her a**."



#10: "I saw Rumsfeld move his hand like this and heard him yell 'cobra strike!' The next thing I knew, I woke up halfway across the room and it was dark out."

V the K

#9: "The black guy behind me? Oh, that's Patrick Kennedy, he had a costume party at the Betty Ford Clinic."

the man

#8: During the press conference, Ms. Pelosi tried repeatedly to brush back her unsightly donkey ears, with little success.

hatless in hattiesburg

#7: "This is how high the money is in MY freezer."


#6: At a DNC fundraiser, Nancy Pelosi auctions off an evening of boxing in Vegas with the Senate Minority Leader.

Steve O

#5: "All those Botox shots, piled up on top of each other, would reach THIS high."


#4: "Under our heightened border alert immigration plan, anyone in this country illegally, who is at least this tall, will go to the head of the line for citizenship."


#3: PELOSI: "I've had it up to here with the Culture of Corruption."

REID: (Thinking) "I wonder if I can get more boxing tickets?"


#2: "You must be at least this tall, and a liberal, to try and destroy the United States of America."


And the winning entry for this Caption Contest...

#1: "I've had it up to HERE with my own bullsh*t!"

Jamie Dawn

Bravo! Bravo!

Encore! Encore!

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