Thursday, June 01, 2006

PoliPundit Trainwreck Update...

As I wrote about not too long ago, PoliPundit kicked his four "guest" contributors off of his site in a dispute over the illegal immigration mess that was more about how one should or shouldn't treat the President of the United States when one disagrees with him on an issue, rather than disagreement over the issue itself. PoliPundit and many of his loyal followers on the threads had become more and more beligerent and insulting toward the President and anyone who attempted to defend him in any way, including some of the other bloggers. Feelings were hurt, insults were exchanged, Poli locked everyone else out, including those who did not even figure into the dispute, and threw away the key. In the process, he ruined a good thing and shot his blog in the face with a bazooka, but, truth be told, it had already been declining in terms of civility and debate on the threads for quite some time.

Anyway, in the aftermath, Lorie Byrd, the biggest reason a great many of PoliPundit's readers went there in the first place, revamped her personal blog with a new name and URL, then joined the crew at Wizbang.

DJ Drummond gave his Stolen Thunder blog a new makeover.

Alexander K. McClure accepted an offer to post at RedState.

Jayson Javitz decided to concentrate, for the time being, on non-blogging related matters.

Since then, a couple of new developments bear mentioning. First, PoliPundit has added a new guest blogger. It is someone whom I deeply respect and wish well, long time PoliPundit commenter Oak Leaf. I hope he can help change some of the tone over there, and I look forward to reading some of what he has to say, which means I will go back to checking out the site from time to time, albeit nowhere near as often as I used to.

Meanwhile, both Lorie and Alexander have landed together at a new off-shoot blog, Wizbang Politics, which is likely to become a regular must read for me rather quickly! I only hope they see fit to try to bring DJ and Jayson on board over there as well. In any event, Kevin Aylward and the Wizbang crew look like they may have just scored the blogging coup of the decade by grabbing a pair of aces off a fool's discard pile! Stay tuned for any further developments...


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