Sunday, June 04, 2006

Welcome PoliPundit Readers...

I would like to thank Oak Leaf for linking to my humble little blog. While I have been upset over many recent developments at PoliPundit, his elevation from regular commenter to blogger is long overdue and a very welcome event.

I only hope that we on the right can patch up our differences in time to rescue this nation from an awful fate: Democrat control of anything!

Oak Leaf also linked to the wonderful ladies at Hang Right Politics, who have a running thread with related PoliPundit discussion you may also find interesting.

P.S.: Since you will not find my position on illegal immigration clearly defined here, let me help: Build a fence, a big one, multi-layered across the entire southern border and man it well. That should be done before any of this other crap even gets discussed. For the record, I think those that are here illegally should not be handed full citizenship, ever. Guest worker status, maybe. You want to be a U.S. citizen, show some respect for our sovereignty and the rule of law! End of screed.

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