Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bloglighting - PoliPundit

In the first of a new and soon-to-be regular feature here at The Right Place, I will focus my attention, and hopefully yours, on the best blogs that I have found in my frequent travels through the blogosphere.

There can be no choice to kick off this new feature other than PoliPundit, the site to whom I owe my very existence as a blogger.

PoliPundit is easily one of the premiere political weblogs on all of the world wide web and helped me and many other conservatives get through the often bitter 2004 election season. I began reading PoliPundit when I stumbled across it while searching for more details on the Rathergate scandal (a term coined by a PoliPundit reader, no less) early last September, but it wasn't until late October that I first posted a comment on a PoliPundit thread under the pseudonym "Mr. Right" (which I couldn't believe no one had taken on before me). This led to a bubbling desire on my part to get more involved in the effort to get out the Conservative vote and to keep the light of truth shining on the Liberally biased mass media and the Democrats, which, in turn, led me to start my own blog. So, in a very real sense, I owe an awful lot to all of the folks at PoliPundit, bloggers and fellow regular commenters alike. Thank you!

PoliPundit is a group blog made up of 5 incredibly talented bloggers, starting, naturally, with PoliPundit, a self-described "non-white recent legal immigrant" residing in the State of Washington. Beyond that, however, not much is known of the mysterious "Poli" including his or her gender! But two things are certain, Poli knows how to blog and Poli knows how to spot blogging talent in others! PoliPundit also is responsible for starting Wictory Wednesdays, in which this blogger is a proud participant!

Lorie Byrd is from North Carolina and is a stay-at-home mother to 4-year-old and 8-year-old girls. She is also the wife of a former marine who served in the Gulf War, which gives her a unique perspective on defense and national security matters. Lorie's contributions to the blogosphere often include a wide mix of pop culture and politics and she is very gracious about linking to other bloggers, like myself. In fact, she is one of the folks whom I deem responsible for putting me on the map - thanks, Lorie! Lorie also has her own blog, Byrd Droppings, which I highly recommend.

D.J. Drummond hails from Houston, Texas and is a gifted writer with a knack for contributing detailed analyses of a variety of news-related events. He is also quite the history buff, which helps to hone his perspective. D.J.'s own blog, Stolen Thunder, is another blog well-worth a regular read.

Jayson Javitz is an attorney and investment manager from Sacramento, California, and a personal favorite of mine. He is often somewhat abrasive and loaded with sarcasm, much like myself. On top of it all, Jayson, who is nothing if not prolific, somehow manages to regularly update his own fabulous blog, Political Vice Squad, which is another daily must read!

UPDATE 5/5: Terrible news - If you want to check out Jayson's own blog, Political Vice Squad, you better hurry! The good news is, he is staying put at PoliPundit (thank God)!

Alexander K. McClure lives in Pennsylvania and is the poll-watcher and political race junkie of the group. Alex is in all his glory when election season heats up, but still pops in from time to time to whet our appetites with the latest polls and news of who is or isn't running for what office come the next round.

PoliPundit is a daily must read for me. If I can get on the Internet, it is usually my first stop. If you, like me, are a Conservative political junkie, I cannot recommend it highly enough! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

More bloglighting to come...

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