Sunday, May 08, 2005

More News You've Probably Never Heard...

BLOGGER X: Have you been following the big Hillary Clinton fundraising scandal?

JOE AVERAGE: The what???

BLOGGER X: The Hillary Clinton fundraising scandal. There's a trial about to get under way on Tuesday in Los Angeles related to it. You mean to tell me you haven't heard anything about this?


BLOGGER X: Guess you get your news from the network newscasts or CNN then, huh?

JOE AVERAGE: Yeah. And I read several major newspapers, too! Well, not the whole papers, but the top headlines. I also listen to NPR. I thought I was keeping myself well-informed! I know all about how George W. Bush is the worst President in world history, that Tom DeLay is a crook and John Bolton is the meanest man alive, about how badly we are losing the War in Iraq, how the Republicans want to destroy the Constitution to steamroll extremist right-wing judges onto the bench so they can force their ultra-reactionary Religious Doctrine on unsuspecting Americans, all about how terrible this depressionesque economy really is and how Bush wants to destroy Social Security, but I haven't heard a thing about this. Are you sure it's real???

BLOGGER X: Figures!


Yes, folks, it is real. And it is about to blow up in Hillary's face, in spite of what the mainstream press does or does not do with this story.

I just love this particular quote from the AP story linked to above:

"David I don't think deserves to go to jail," co-organizer Aaron Tonken said in a recent interview from prison, where he is serving 63 months for unrelated charges of defrauding charities of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nothing like a great character witness ready to go to bat on your behalf, huh?

Hat-tip: My Dad! Thanks.

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