Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bloglighting - Brainster's Blog

In the second installment of my new regular feature here at The Right Place, I will focus my attention, and hopefully yours, on yet another of the best blogs that I have found in my frequent travels through the blogosphere.

Today's bloglight shines on yet another blog I deem responsible for helping to get me on the blogosphere map: Brainster's Blog, home of blogger Pat Curley.

Even before I first published the Evaluating Congress posts (Part 1) (Part 2) that gave this blog wings back in late February, Pat had already honored me with a place on his blogroll, giving me life on the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem (where I have proudly been a Flappy Bird for sometime now) and putting the blogging fire back in my belly, which helped me to complete my long-lingering and somewhat tedious Congressional evaluation project. After that project's completion, I simply posted it, figuring a few people might see it and that was that. One of the people that did happen to see it was Pat Curley, and he was sufficiently impressed with my hard work to pass along an e-mail to Lorie Byrd of PoliPundit fame, who posted a link to my project on that mega-blog and before I could say "Holy SiteMeter, Batman!" - instalanche!

Well, Pat, it is obvious I owe you a great debt of gratitude, so consider this feature a bit of payback in some small way - and thanks!

After starting out his blogging life as "Brain Death" in the old Usenet format, Pat later came to fame as one of the gang at the group blog Kerry Haters. He is also a key part of its successor, Lifelike Pundits and recently began to publish another blog dedicated to his passion for old comic books called Silver Age Comics. As if that weren't enough to keep the man busy, he has also dipped his fingers into an anti-Hillary Clinton blog entitled Stop Hill! and an anti-John McCain blog named Stop McCain, both of which seem to be in the very early stages of development at this time. Tell me, Pat, just what do you do in your spare time, anyway?

Pat is a kind soul who often highlights smaller blogs (like mine) and offers tips to inexperienced bloggers. He is also a very gifted writer in his own right and well worth a regular read! So don't just sit there, go check him out!

Afterwards, why not check out some of the individual blogs from some of his worthy colleagues from Lifelike Pundits: Kitty at Kitty Litter, Pam Meister at Blogmeister USA or Prof. Shade at ProfShade. Lest I forget, I wanted to be sure to mention the other fine Lifelike Pundits, Aaron (formerly of Something to Cry About) and Dodo David, who are dedicated to that wonderful site to the exclusion of any current outside projects of which I am aware. Keep up the great work, folks!

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