Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One of Those Days!

I am trying to stay calm and not "blog angry" about my wonderful site host,, but I must admit my patience is wearing wafer thin today.

After first waiting out an electrical storm and then dealing with and finally overcoming irritating problems with my ISP continually dropping me after only a couple of minutes each time I tried to connect earlier today, I managed to perform my Wictory Wednesday duties, but, alas, I could not post my latest Bloglighting feature on Brainster's Blog. I never got to the "publishing" page, instead I kept receiving timeout errors from my browser (Safari 1.0.3). After several unsuccessful tries, I figure, what the heck? I'll try to post it using Netscape. Didn't work there either. Okay, how about using Internet Explorer? Nope. Back to Safari. After several more unsuccessful tries, I gave up for awhile. After a timeout, I returned and tried again (having been intelligent enough after past experiences to save the post to a word processing program on my computer). Hey, what do you know? Success!

Wait a minute... now the post appears not once, but twice. Okay, I'll just delete the earlier, now duplicate post, right? So I go into edit, choose to delete the post, and confirm my command. No problem. Except, and here's the fun part, my browser gets hung up on the publishing page after it goes into a never-ending loop at 0%... 0%... 0%... etc.. After about 10 minutes of this, I shut down the browser and then re-log in. I still have two identical posts, but guess what? The second one is not really there, at least not according to blogger's editing program, so I can't delete it. God, I love this hobby somedays!

Anyhow, I am not certain whether the 2nd post will stay or will suddenly vanish on its own, so if you want to comment or link to it, please go with the one nearest the top of the page. Your humble and somewhat frazzled pundit thanks you.

I think I'll call it a day with the posting. I need some fresh air before I damage my poor computer's little keys with my pounding fingers!

UPDATE: Oops! I almost forget to thank Yahoo! Mail for its wonderful contribution to my day, too! When I first logged in this morning, I got a blank screen for an inbox! Refreshing had no effect! Took a change of browsers to beat the bug. Aaaahhh, ain't computers wonderful?

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Pat said...

Any time there is a lot of posting activity blogger tends to bog down. On election day I could barely post on Kerry Haters--many posts had to go without headers or any font/style changes. I imagine the crush in this case was the Newsweek story.