Friday, May 13, 2005

Police Trace Wendy's Finger to Source, Say It Points to Woman Who Claimed She Found It in Chili

Is this really any surprise at all? According to this AP News story, the mysterious finger belonged to an associate of suspect Anna Ayala's husband, who lost it in an "industrial accident" back in December.

Authorities are considering additional charges against Ayala and her husband, Davis said. "We are exploring all other options and avenues available to see that those involved in this charade will be investigated," the police chief said.

Wendy's has offered a $100,000 reward and has said it has lost millions in sales since Ayala made the claim while visiting her family in San Jose. Dozens of employees at the company's Northern California franchises also have been laid off.

Wendy's has not yet given out the award. Company spokesman Bob Bertini said officials need to talk with police to determine who should receive it.

In a statement, the company praised San Jose police and said the latest evidence vindicates its employees.

I guess we can stick a fork in this little get-rich-quick-on-a-frivolous-lawsuit hoax, this lady's goose is now pretty well cooked! Too bad she can't give Wendy's their reputation back, or those laid-off employees their jobs!

I hope she and anyone that was in on this with her end up rotting in jail for a long, long time.

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