Sunday, May 08, 2005

Here's One Sure to Get Your Blood Boiling!

If you haven't read this article from Tony Snow yet, you really need to click on the link and do so!

Senators Byron Dorgan, John Kerry and Richard Durbin pulled a fast one last week on their congressional colleagues. They tried to bury forever documents alleging that senior government officials tried to transform portions of the IRS and the Justice Department into a goon squad for attacking political enemies and aiding political friends.

Naturally, they didn't declare their intentions openly. Instead, Sen. Dorgan attached an innocent looking amendment to the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill that will fund government operations after September 30...

Who could these three Senate Jackasses be trying to protect, pray tell?

...Former FBI Director Louis Freeh insisted on the appointment of an Independent Counsel in 1995 after learning that then-Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros shuttled payments to his mistress without reporting them to the IRS. Once the news went public, Cisneros resigned from office, his previously promising political career in tatters. He later admitted to a misdemeanor and paid a fine of $10,000. President Clinton pardoned him in 2001.

Dorgan's bill would shut down the 10-year probe conducted by Independent Counsel David Barrett's investigation, but it would add something unprecedented in the case of special or independent counsels: it would prevent the publication of the counsel's report on the case. A decade's worth of investigations — sworn testimony, documentation of alleged abuses, grand-jury proceedings, etc. — would vanish without a trace.

In this instance, that would mean burying charges that key officials in the Justice Department and the IRS abused their power by going easy on Cisneros and targeting political opponents of Bill Clinton. Those charges — not the Cisneros case — have served as the focal point of Barrett's investigation for the last several years.

This story is dynamite! Read the whole thing! Then act to make certain this cover-up is never allowed to stand! Tony Snow provides contact information for the key Senators and House Members involved.

Hat-tip: My Dad! (Again.) Thanks!

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