Wednesday, May 04, 2005

War on Terror Update: Don't Tell Anyone, But We're Winning!

The mainstream media and their good friends in the Democrat Party must be on the verge of tears today, as America received not one, but two items of great news in the War on Terror!

First, there is this story about the apparent poor state of morale of the Iraqi Terrorists, oops, I mean "insurgents." Who, by the way, are still beating us no matter what you read, damn it!

Then, there is this gem about the capture of another key al-Qaeda figure in Pakistan. Note the reference to the "deeply conservative" Pakistani province in the fifth paragraph. A not-so-subtle attempt to link American political conservatives to al-Qaeda militants, maybe? Cute, huh?

Woe is the media. But don't cry for them, they can still bury it somewhere near the obits or the cookie recipes. That way no one will notice we're winning! Ssssshhhh!

BTW: What's the over/under on any of the "Big 3" network newscasts leading with either one of these stories tonight? I'd put my money on Lynndie England as lead if I were a betting man!

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