Monday, May 16, 2005

Newsweak Channels Emily Litella: "What? Oh. Nevermind!"

Put a fork in another liberal MSM outlet. They're done. Finished. Doomed. They could save a lot of time and effort by just turning out the lights and locking the door. There is nothing they can do or say that will ever get their reputation out of the sewer, where they have joined CBS News, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times at the absolute bottom of the sludge.

Why have I not blogged about this latest MSM outrage until now? Simple. I would have been nothing more than another small voice in a very large chorus. But I feel the need to put in at least $.02 worth on it, so here it is...

I think I best summed up my thoughts on the matter on a PoliPundit thread in the middle of the night last night in response to a troll trying to defend the (indefensible) magazine:

Just how is this crap “newsworthy"?

It is sensationalistic, pure and simple!

If you know that by publishing a story (that is unverifiable by Newsweek’s own admission, BTW) that you could cause outbreaks of anti-American fervor worldwide among a group of people with a known propensity for violence and killing that take any insult to their religious beliefs as an attack on them personally and an excuse to gin up the masses, do you publish the f***ing story or do you stop and say, “Gee, maybe we ought to at least be absolutely 100% certain of this before we run with it, and even then, perhaps the consequences would be too grave.”

Or do you do like these asshats and just say “Great! A new Abu Ghraib type scandal! A chance to embarrass Bush and the military and sell lots of copy! Print it!”

It’s as simple as that!

(Spelling error corrected.)

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