Monday, July 11, 2005

Caption This! [Oh, Thank Heaven for 7/11 Edition]

Announcing the first ever Right Place photo caption contest!

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This photo from AFP via Yahoo! just cries out for the caption treatment, so let's give it what it deserves!

This IS a competition. I WILL be naming a winner, so do your best (or worst) and please leave a name, e-mail and homepage so you may bask in the warm, sweet glow of your victory! This contest will remain open for at least a few days, and I will give fair warning before I decide to end it until 11am CDT Mon. 7/18/05. Good luck!



Welcome PoliPundit readers! And a sincere thank you to the great Lorie Byrd for the link! [Make sure you click on the "Lorie Byrd" link to see some more great caption ideas that were posted over there!] [NOTE: Unique captions from PoliPundit thread copied into comments section as of 7/13, but please visit PoliPundit anyway (click first link) - best site on the whole damned Internet!]

UPDATE 7/12:

Welcome inmates of Rick Moran's Right Wing Nut House! This post is a proud participant in Carnival of the Clueless #5 and both individuals pictured above most certainly qualify as clueless!

Howie and Harry had "Post" cereal for Breakfast this morning at Basil's Blog.

Wow! Welcome Ankle Biters! A great big thank you to Pat Curley of Brainster's Blog for the link from high atop his guest perch at Ankle Biting Pundits! I am truly honored!

UPDATE 7/13:

Welcome readers of Betsy's Page! Hope you enjoy your visit! Thank you, Betsy Newmark!

UPDATE 7/15:
Howie and Harry are excited to be part of Carnival of Comedy 11 at IMAO! All hail spacemonkey!

Thanks for the links:

Cheat-Seeking Missiles
Bookworm Room


UPDATE 7/18:


Our new contest is HERE!

Thank you all for playing!

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