Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dishing the "Dirt" on SCOTUS Nominee John Roberts

It seems some of the helpful folks on this PoliPundit thread are willing to lend the Democrats a helping hand in digging up dirt on Judge Roberts!

As I understand it, [Roberts] was once late on returning a video tape, and when he returned it, it was not rewound!

Roberts' was two days late returning a law book to the library, so what if he paid the 35cent fine. It is the principle.

DoubleU...look for Rove, et al, to coverup "BlockbusterGate". Their evil grasp is limitless!!

I heard he leaves the toilet seat up! Argh!

We need to determine if he paid parking tickets late.....also, he may have dated a woman once and never called her back

I heard he sometimes leaves dirty socks on the bedroom floor.

So, there you go, Teddy, Pat, Dick, Harry, Howie, Nancy, Barb, Chuckie, et. al. - a running start!

But you know what's not so funny...

...Roberts is Catholic. Also attended Catholic schools in Indiana as a kid from what I understand.

You just KNOW they are actually going to USE that last one against him in some way, shape or form!

And the smear campaign begins in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

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