Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Potty-Mouthed e-Mailer Gets Stuffed and Mounted at PoliPundit!

Will the Kool-Aid drinking, rage-filled, far-left bomb-throwers never learn?

It seems another immature little nitwit decided he didn't like something he read on a right leaning political website: Lorie Byrd's post from earlier today at PoliPundit.

So he asked her a bunch of questions. Nothing wrong with that. Happens all the time. Reasonable people can disagree.

But then, he stepped WAAAAAYYYY over the line by asking the following question of one the classiest acts on the Internet:

Who did you blow to get your job?

And dared her to respond. And respond she did!

Lorie actually answers him right here! Yes - THAT question included! And she is her usual classy, unflappable self! Then Lorie went the extra mile, she actually asked for, and received his PERMISSION to use his name. And he granted it... and then issued a veiled threat! Unreal! You simply HAVE to read it!

Then there's the folks on the discussion thread. Pretty standard stuff actually, good, but standard... until you get to post #103. From there on out it is a must read laugh riot!

If this doesn't teach the person in question to mind his manners in the future, he is beyond all hope!

WARNING: Swallow all drinks before reading!

Bravo, ladies and gentlemen! Bravo!

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