Monday, July 11, 2005

'Round the 'Sphere: July 11, 2005

As I continue to suffer from an awful bout with writer's block (someone PLEASE stick a microphone in front of Howard Dean), let me point you to some others who are not currently so afflicted. After all, I can still read...

Our good friend and munificent benefactor Pat Curley of Brainster's Blog and Lifelike Pundits, is guest blogging over at Ankle Biting Pundits this week. Be certain to check him out, especially this gem about the Democrats and their confusion over their own core values! (Not that you aren't already reading all of those wonderful blogs anyway. You are reading them regularly - aren't you?)

Speaking of Pat, if you are a blogger and need some pointers on trackbacks, Pat had a terrific "how to" post this past weekend. I had to laugh as soon as I started to read it due to the fact that I was already in the process of switching to Haloscan, just as he recommends! The post was in response to a call for help from a relatively new, and quite good blogger, THIRDWAVEDAVE, who has a GREAT Lincoln quote on his masthead. Senator Dick Durbin (Moonbat-al Jazeera), who likes to quote Lincoln, should take note!

UPDATE: Stupid me should have added this advice on trackbacks, for those interested:

1) For those who do not want to switch to Haloscan and have no other way of pinging other blogs, the great folks over at Wizbang! came up with this handy Standalone Trackback Pinger, which I had been using for awhile. It won't enable you to RECEIVE trackbacks, but you can put them out there and draw some extra traffic with this!

2) I am almost certainly the originator of the innovative "Manual Trackback," as I have yet to see anyone else use it, at least not in the same manner that I do. It comes in handy for use at sites that allow comments, but not trackbacks (like Ankle Biting Pundits or Red State, e.g.). All you have to do is to enter a comment and insert the html link code for your own post. I use the words "Manual Trackback" so that people know my post is on the same subject. The title of the post, name of the blog and an excerpt are good to include if you opt to use this method.

In other guest blogger news, be certain to check out the always brilliant Will Franklin from WILLisms at Wizbang!

Are you tired of all those stupid liberal trolls and their insipid talking points about how Bush and company have lied about anything and everything to do with Iraq? You'll want to bookmark this great debunking of their load of horsecrap from John Hawkins at his indispensable blog, Right Wing News! Oh, look, he's sharing some of the love letters he's gotten from some peace loving, tolerant liberals! BTW, are you checking out his Conservative Grapevine on a daily basis yet? Great stuff!

Lorie Byrd at PoliPundit gets the hat-tip for pointing us to this "Hillary-ous" musical cartoon!

I also need to hat-tip Lorie for this link to Betsy's Page and a neat photo caption contest. I'm quite proud of my own entry, see if you can beat it!

Ace of Spades has obtained a copy of the new James Bond script... as drafted by the a**holes of the far left! Ugh!

And last, but by no means least, a4g, at his often hysterically funny (and deserving of a much larger readership) Point Five blog, has the scoop on Bush's ideal compromise candidate to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the SCOTUS!

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