Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thoughts on Joining the 10k Club!


Your humble pundit is a little overwhelmed at the increased traffic he has received the last few days!

Not so long ago, this little blog used to just sit here quietly and go almost unnoticed. Heck, my biggest ever single day's traffic before this week was 530 visitors! That was set quite recently, actually - and I was quite proud of it! An average day around here is somewhere between 30-50 hits, and that's during the week - weekends I'm lucky to draw 20 - with many of those coming from me checking my own blog several times a day, from my Dad checking in occasionally (Hi, Dad!) or from random hits from Yahoo! and Google searches (including my all-time favorite hit: "Hillary Clinton nude"). Then yesterday, I had something like 630 visits (I'm not exactly sure of the final number, it was at 620 around 11:20pm CDT, the last time I looked before midnight came and the counter rolled over). Wow!

I actually stayed up pretty late last night. When I finally went to bed around 3am, the overall Sitemeter count was somewhere just above the 9400 mark. I figured there was a chance I might break the 10k mark today IF I was real lucky and could come close to matching yesterday's numbers...

Imagine my surprise when I brought the site up around 10:30am and saw that 10,000 was already in the rearview mirror - by well over 100 visits! Holy cow!

As I type this, I am at 1,290 visits for the day, 10,633 overall, and it is not even 6pm yet! Do you realize that means well over 10% of the traffic I have received in the history of this 8 1/2 month old blog has occurred in ONE DAY??? TODAY!!!


WARNING: Warm and mushy stuff...

Obviously, I have Lorie Byrd [Byrd Droppings] [PoliPundit] & Pat Curley [Brainster's Blog] [Lifelike Pundits] to thank for most of it. But heck, I owe my very existence as a blogger to their help, nurturing, kindness and support! Thank you both so very much!

Thank you also to all the rest of the wonderful folks in the blogging community for your readership, links, comments, e-mails and other kindnesses. God bless you all!


I obviously do not anticipate seeing this kind of traffic on a regular basis, but good grief is it nice to see the numbers on that meter twirl like that - even just once!

But enough self-indulgent babbling, back to the good stuff!

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