Tuesday, July 12, 2005

MSM Feeding Frenzy on Karl Rove "Outs" Valerie Plame Meme Begins - Another Red Herring for the Blue Press?

Personally, I don't think too much of this latest MSM/Donk feeding frenzy. The left gets itself all worked up about one Bush-related "scandal" or another on such a regular basis only to have nothing come of it, it is really quite comical! Another tempest in the Internet teapot has been brewing for awhile over Karl Rove's involvement in the whole Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame/Robert Novak affair.

More recently, the MSM has detected the faintest hint of GOP blood in the water, so look out - here come the sharks!

Anyone wishing to wager on this amounting to very much had better not put the deed to the family farm down on the velvet table just yet. If you ask me, it's Act 8,963 of Much Ado About Nothing!

Inspite of that, or perhaps because of it, you have to read Lorie Byrd's fantastic PoliPundit piece Big Tough Guys With Perfectly Coifed Hair! She manages to smack some of the more rude and crude members of the obnoxious MSM around quite nicely, thank you.

Within the discussion thread, the fur is flying, as the usual suspects (and some new ones, too) have emerged from beneath their DU rocks to stir up trouble... and are being beaten senseless again by the PoliPundit troll-killers - too funny! Anyway, all I have to say on the subject for the time being, I said in that thread:

Comments #5 & 6:


Wake me up when this MSM/Donk feeding frenzy is over!

This story is only slightly less lame than Gannon/Guckert or the Downing Street Memo.

Hellacious noise from the far left, no “there” there. Ho hum.

Before the trolls get started, please remember how “important” you, the media and your Democrat friends thought the Sandy Burglar story was. Or the trashing of the White House and related office building by outgoing Clintonistas. And gee, what is that story Jayson linked to tonight… something about Gov. Richardson and Wen Ho Lee? Better watch those throwing stones, folks…

Oh, and let us not forget the NYT expose on the secret CIA flights used to move terror prisoners around! Somehow, I think that leak was a little more damaging!

Comment # 127:

Hey trolls:

1) Rove did not mention Plame by name.

2) She was NOT a field agent at the time, had not been one for YEARS.

3) She had been outed years ago. Hard to out someone who is already out!

4) Her CIA position was common knowledge among the DC cocktail party crowd, including many, many reporters.

5) She appeared with her husband on the cover a magazine for crying out loud! Some “secret” agent!

6) Wilson was in the process of attempting to smear the administration. Oops! Better not counter his B.S., you might risk “outing” his super secret agent wife! (LOL)

7) Do you REALLY think Judith Miller and the NYT are going to bend over backwards to protect (evil music swells) KARL ROVE???

8) You are all upset about this “crime” relating to “national security” but have nothing at all to say at all about Sandy Burglar sneaking classified documents out of the National Archives in his pants and destroying a number of them!

Boy, that is an awful lot of crap you need to ignore to find this story compelling, don’t you think?

Keep it up, guys! A lot of us here truly love the comic relief!

And, hey! That last one got yours truly a featured spot on the Anchoress!

{Bows gracefully} Thank you! Thank you, very much!

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