Friday, July 29, 2005

'Round the 'Sphere: July 29, 2005

[UPDATED 7/31]

Looking for something good to read this weekend *and beyond*? Let me help you out...

In the Headlines

The Brits are rounding up terror suspects at a breakneck pace today! Captain Ed has it covered.

Speaking of terrorism, PoliPundit's DJ Drummond has posted a scorecard of sorts on the Global War on Terror. Guess who's winning?

Also at PoliPundit, Alexander K. McClure points us to a recent poll showing that British Prime Minister Tony Blair's support is climbing in the wake of the London bombings. The UK sure isn't Spain, baby!

More good news, it seems that Europe is about to drift further to the right! Power Line's John Hinderaker has the details!

Oh, and Moonbats... you have my blessing to BLAME BUSH for it!

UPDATE: Van Helsing at Moonbattery has the details of a story that is certain to get your dander up!

Speaking of the Moonbats, if you are not up to speed on the latest shenanigans at Air(head) America, the liberal talk radio network equivalent of the S.S. Titanic, Michelle Malkin (who else?) has the goods! It seems that in order to keep their sinking ship afloat, our liberal elitist betters are stealing money from tax-payer funded programs that were intended to help disadvantaged children and the elderly. You really have to read this to believe it!

Michelle is closely following the story, and has updates posted here, here and here with lots of links to more bloggers following it as well!

UPDATE:: Giving credit where credit is due, here are the links to the man credited with breaking this Air America scandal story wide open, The Radio Equalizer - Brian Maloney...

Air America's Dirty Dough
What's Next?
Scandal Heats Up
Backlash Begins

UPDATE: BoreAmerica, a right-leaning weblog that is devoted to keeping tabs on Air America Radio, offers the Air America Scandal Counter for your blog!

Now, why do you suppose they would feel the need to sink that low? A hint might be found in this post by our old friend, Pat Curley. It seems that sinking low is a specialty over there - in all sorts of ways!



I am trying not to laugh at the Moonbats...

Trying very hard...

Schadenfreude is not a nice thing...

Buwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I'm sorry, I just can't hold it in!

Get Yer Ha-Ha's Out!

Aaaahhh! Let's face it, laughter is good! That is why I love this post at WuzzaDem, which has a very funny look at what the upcoming Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to confirm Judge Roberts to the Supreme Court might look like!

On a related note, be certain to check out Iowahawk's very amusing He or She Is the Wrong Man or Woman for the Court if you haven't seen it yet.

Steve H. Graham is a comedic genius! If you are not reading Huffington's Toast regularly, you are missing some real laughs - like the (not) Dick Cheney article, announcing his intention to run for the White House in 2008 in response to left-wing dingbat reporter Helen Thomas' vow to kill herself in such an event! Too damn funny!

Buckley F. Williams of The Nose on Your Face checks in with a Tri-Fecta of Funny! Top 9 Catherine Baker Knoll Past-Times, Ode to Ted Kennedy's Liver and Mullah Omar Answers Call of "Allah Allah Oxen Free!" That last one had me laughing at the title alone!

Ironman at Political Calculations has some keen observations on what those employee evaluations you get at work really mean!

And finally, Frank J. has a... um... unique take on the whole Valerie Plame affair at IMAO. Rubber-Eating Aliens???

The We're Laughing AT You, Not WITH You Dept.

This week's Judge Elihu Smails Buffoon of the Week Award winners (yes, there are co-winners this time) are posted at Ankle Biting Pundits. I can't say that I'm too surprised at their choices - they have definitely earned it!

PJ-Comix keeps on mining comedic gold from the DU DUmpster! It seems some of the mental patients there are almost to the point of open rebellion! This might be scarier - if I wasn't laughing so hard!

Howlin' Mad Dr. Howeird Dean is at it again! Pat Curley almost misses the best part of his latest foaming-at-the-mouth rant, but then catches it in the end:

"The president and his right-wing Supreme Court think it is 'okay' to have the government take your house if they feel like putting a hotel where your house is," Dean said...

Where do we begin? In informing Howard that Bush 43 has no sitting appointees on the current version of the Supreme Court, or in breaking the news to him that it was the LIBERAL contingent that saddled us with that ridiculous decision??? What a "supreme" asshat!

BTW, Pat, I've said it before, I'll say it again - I LOVE that picture!

And Pat also was the first one who alerted me to Jane "Baghdad Barbarella" Fonda's new veggie-powered anti-war bus tour! And no, this article is not dated 1969!!!

Quick Hits

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a new ad all prepped about Hillary Clinton and her beloved hubby!

John Cole at Balloon Juice wants to know just how someone managed to burn themselves on a toilet in a Denny's Restaurant!

Picture Perfect

I love photo caption contests! If you do, too, feel free to check these out:

WILLisms - Will ALWAYS has the funniest photos, and this week's is an absolute gem with a whole lot of unbelievably funny caption suggestions so far!

Wizbang! is running a weekend caption contest, too!

And PLEASE don't forget to help me out with my own little contest while you're at it!

UPDATE: Be sure to check out OTB Caption Jam for more great photo caption contests!

Carnival of the Carnivals

If that's not enough, how about visiting some of the latest blog Carnivals, where bloggers show off some of their best (or, in at least one case, worst) efforts?

Carnival of the Vanities, located this week at Pratie Place, is the oldest and most varied of the many carnivals. It has posts on a whole range of subjects - a little something for all tastes.

Searching for a good laugh? Try Carnival of Comedy currently at Right Hand of God. This carnival was started by the very funny guys at IMAO earlier this year and now makes the rounds to a new host each Thursday.

Another of the best carnivals going is Carnival of the Clueless at Rick Moran's Right Wing Nut House, highlighting posts that put the spotlight each week on all those out there in desperate need of a good beating with a cluebat.

The King of Classy, Will Franklin, carefully selects 15 posts each week from all over the blogosphere and dubs them classy enough for his Carnival of Classiness at WILLisms. Are you classy enough to read them?

A relatively new, but very worthy entry is Carnival of Crazy at File It Under..., where craziness of all sorts is on full display.

No carnival listing would be complete without a link to Bonfire of the Vanities, which this week is hosted by Soldier's Angel - Holly Aho, where self-deprecating bloggers pay homage to their very WORST efforts! Just why the folks at Wizbang chose to saddle us all with this one, I suppose only THEY can truly understand!

UPDATE: Another cool carnival is up at Doctor Sanity, Carnival of Insanities!

Do you have a blog of your own? Are you wondering to yourself, "How can I get in on these carnivals and get my best (or worst) posts the added attention they so richly deserve?" Simple, just go and check out the Carnival Entry Form at Conservative Cat, which will also point you in the general direction of many more delightful carnivals, if you are so inclined!

Blogger News

Those peaceful, tolerant liberals are at it again! Will Franklin details his own run-ins with some wonderful neighbors! Boy! It is a good thing these people are so understanding and open-minded, now isn't it?

THIRDWAVEDAVE had a much more disconcerting run-in of his own! Thankfully, he is okay - but shaken enough to be taking a little break from blogging for awhile, and I can't say that I blame him!

UPDATE: Looks like THIRDWAVEDAVE is back and blogging again, now that the cops have caught the perp who threatened him at gunpoint!

Red of Scared Monkeys, a blog which has taken a keen interest in the Natalee Holloway story (to say the least), is heading to Aruba with Texas Equusearch.

Also of note, a4g, at the often very funny Point Five, has a new blogging home to show off! Congratulations! (Time to update those blogrolls again.)

UPDATE: Stop the presses! More blogroll updating needed for followers of Stop the ACLU!

Speaking of new digs, It seems CJ of VRWC #1 Member (aka "Capitalist Infidel" at The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy and "Rumplemintz" in our old Blogger comments section) is bugging out of Illinois and heading off to North Carolina! Good luck with the new place, CJ! It's too bad we are losing a vote against idiots like Durbin and Obama here, but oh well!

Your Prayers Are Needed

The Anchoress is a terrifically talented blogger and a tremendously nice lady who, for some unfathomable reason, seems to have absolutely no luck all lately in the health news department, and things just seem to keep going from bad to worse! Through it all, she keeps herself in good spirits and keeps her faith front and center - quite a remarkable lady! If you ever start to think you have it bad, please remember that most of you can't even begin to comprehend what it must be like to be in her shoes! May God be with you in your trials, dear lady, and may all of these dark clouds soon pass over you.

The Therapist is one of the most genuinely funny bloggers on the entire Internet, and normally a regular stop for anyone in need of a good laugh. But he is taking some time off, for now, in the wake of the loss of his father. The letters and comments of support he is getting must be overwhelming, but a few more prayers and well-wishes never hurt. May God bless and comfort you in your time of grief, good sir.


Did I miss something you think is worthy of noting? Feel free to pass it along in the comments section! Thanks!

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