Tuesday, July 19, 2005

'Round the 'Sphere: July 19, 2005

A Round-up of some neat stuff that caught my eye recently from all over the World Wide Web...

Two of my favorite carnivals are up and going today (full disclosure - I am featured on both!):

Carnival of Classiness
Carnival of the Clueless #6

Word is that President Bush will name his choice for Supreme Court Justice tonight. Odds are, it isn't going to be any of these... but, hey - you never know. They were all apparently on the short list:

The Robo-Justice
Chomps - the World's Angriest Rottweiler, Part I and Part II
And my personal favorite, Magic 8-Ball!

From the More-of-the-Same Lame Plame Name Blame Game Flame-out (say that out loud 10 times - I dare you), comes this appropriate cartoon!

Speaking of the whole Plame "thingy"... does anyone really give a damn anymore?

In a related story, the New York Times is demanding that jailed reporter Judith Miller be transferred to the Gitmo "Gulag". I personally have no problem at all classifying most reporters as "unlawful enemy combatants," how about you?

On the subject of kerfuffles (you've just got to love that word), Reliapundit has a very "astute" list of all the Media/Donk/Moonbat faux scandals that have missed the mark in their never-ending quest to Get Bush! Did he miss any?

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