Monday, July 11, 2005

State of the Blog

I have initiated some long-intended changes to the Right Place over the last few days.

You will probably notice the flag image in the post below, which is the first ever picture or image featured on this page. This is due to my finally obtaining some free photo hosting for this site. Appropriately enough, the very first image is intended as a show of solidarity with our British brethren following the horrific events there last Thursday. Please keep them in your prayers. I will probably not feature very many photos or other images, but it is nice to have the option to do so occasionally, when warranted.

I have, as I often do, added some new content to the links area in the right margin. Please feel free to check some of them out, as many fine blogs and resources are featured there. More will be added as I see fit. If you have a blog that links here and is not on my blogroll, please let me know about it. I am always looking for great new blogs to read and link to, and a great way to catch my attention is, of course, to link to me!

The biggest change so far is the change over to Haloscan for all future comments. This will make commenting on the site much easier, as you no longer must be registered with Blogger to comment. It also will allow for trackbacks, something which Blogger is incapable of doing on its own. The one drawback is that all past comments are now "hidden," though I do have them archived on my hard drive as well as in Blogger's memory. Seeing as how there were so few of them, it seems a small price to pay as I seek to make this blog more user friendly for the future!

All comments are welcome, as long as they are not patently obscene or abusive. I will retain the right to delete or alter offensive comments as I deem appropriate. I also now have the ability to ban people from posting. It is a power I am hoping to NEVER feel the need to use.

More changes are coming soon. I am trying to develop some ideas for regular features and trying to find ways to keep the site fresher with more frequent content updates in the future, but I must ask for your patience in the short-term.

Thank you for visiting the Right Place!

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