Monday, October 31, 2005

ALITO: Did You Guys Hear?

Did you guys hear?

Sam Alito... well, he's a Soprano, if you know what I mean. An eye-talian American.

His family is very influential.

He is not one to bet against.

His nomination, unlike Miers' nod, is an offer you can't refuse.

Do I need to lay it out any clearer? According to my well-placed sources in the Democratic Party, Samuel Alito is friendly to the mob. He's mafia, people! There is irrefutable evidence from the DNC that Alito went easy on Italian-American mobsters in 1988, when he failed to secure a conviction.

And, he is the son of an Italian immigrant! Just like in the Godfather Part II!

Coincidence? Hardly.

It's so clear, people!

Bush isn't a neocon puppet, or a puppet of the right-wing American Ayatollahs, he's a mob puppet! And Alito was the choice of the mob!

Don't pay any attention to Chris Matthews' contention otherwise.

Matthews is just a dirty right-wing neocon mobster propagandist, too.


Speaking of neocon mobster propagandists, what is the deal with this guy's fascination with George Bush?

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