Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Frequent Flyers Club Expands, Welcome Aboard!

Once again, I have been messing around with the blogroll. I decided to consolidate things - too many categories with too many blogs blurring the lines between them. In addition, I took the opportunity to add a few standouts to our "Frequent Flyers Club."

Back in mid-September, in recognition of those with blogs of their own whom I noticed hanging out here regularly, or who were so kind as to link to us on numerous occasions, I started the "Frequent Flyers Club."

Membership has its perks, insomuch as you get bumped to the top of the blogroll and highlighted with bold print, not to mention a spotlight in this write-up. I encourage all our FFC bloggers, old and new, to check each other out.

Just consider this my little way of saying, "Thank you!"

The Second Round of FFC Inductees, is as follows...

bullwinkle of Random Numbers, who frequents our photo caption contests and has also linked here. Thanks!

Gateway Pundit, who has graciously linked to us on several occasions, often sending over quite a bit of additional traffic! Thank you so much!

kimsch of Musing Minds has long been a friendly acquaintance of both Stephen and I on the threads of PoliPundit and seems to visit here fairly regularly. Welcome!

The Man at GOP and the City has become a regular contributor to the caption contests here. Thanks!

Pluto's Dad from Eyes on the Ball News is another caption contest regular. Thank you, sir!

SondraK, the all-powerful Headmistress of Knowledge Is Power, has been sending over gobs of traffic lately with frequent links to our satire pieces. Mucho gracias!

The Windhamite is a frequent photo caption contestant and has also linked to us before. Thank you!

Oops! I forgot someone! Please give a warm welcome also to Poca Dot from It's a Pundit, who has linked to us on a few occasions and who seems to be related in some way to charter FFC member Don Surber. Hmmmm... I wonder...

If you are a fellow blogger and a regular visitor, I want to appropriately thank you, too. If you would like to join the club, please start leaving some sort of bread-crumb trail to help me find you (trackbacks, comments, e-mails). I already have some more folks whom I am keeping an eye on, so you never know... we may be calling your name the next time around!

By the way, anyone out there who has me on their blogroll and I have not yet at least reciprocated that gesture, please let me know!

We do have one sad piece of related news to report, however. It seems one of our charter FFC members is hanging it up! Oregano has announced that he is closing Cafe Oregano. We here at the Right Place wish him the best and hope that he still drops by for occasional visits, especially to play along in our photo caption contests, where he has placed in the past. For the time being, we will leave him on the blogroll in case the situation changes. He has been a regular stop for me in my tours of the blogosphere, and he will be missed! Take care!

The Charter Members of the Frequent Flyers Club were as follows:

  • The Anchoress

  • Basil's Blog

  • Betsy's Page

  • Brainster's Blog

  • Byrd Droppings

  • Cafe Oregano

  • The Conservative Cat

  • Conservative Thinking

  • The Conservative UAW Guy

  • Dr. Phat Tony's

  • Dr. Sanity

  • File It Under...

  • The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles

  • Get Stewed

  • IMAO

  • The Jawa Report

  • Joust the Facts

  • Kitty Litter

  • Lifelike Pundits

  • Lucky Dawg News

  • Marathon Pundit

  • The Nose on Your Face

  • Now That's Ironic

  • Oh How I Love Jesus

  • Outside the Beltway

  • PoliPundit

  • Reformed Politics

  • Right Wing Nut House

  • A Rose by Any Other Name

  • Sine Qua Non Pundit

  • Don Surber


  • Where Have You Gone, Ronald Reagan?

  • WILLisms
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