Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Was Spooked-ed

Many years ago my husband was serving our country and was in Southeast Asia. A man whose wife had just died asked me to housesit for the winter so he could go home to his home state.

On New Year's Eve I saw the mailman deliver the mail to the mailbox which was located across the street and I picked up the mail. The next day the boy who took out my trash came in and gave me a letter from my mother-in-law that he said was in the mailbox. I opened the letter and found out my husband's aunt had died. This was very strange because the mail didn't run on New Year's Day, but there was more to come.

A day or so later I awakened to the sound of the ironing board dropping in the basement which was the normal storage place for it. To get to the basement you had to open a trap door and go down the stairs and since I used the ironing board so much I just stored it above the trap door to the side. As I went to go to the basement and see if the ironing board had dropped I realized it was not down in the basement and observed it was upright in its usual position.

I happened to call my mother in law that day and found out that at the exact time I heard the noise my husband's other aunt had died. Now I was spooked.

I had received some cookies from a woman who called herself a witch a couple of weeks before that for Christmas and that's when all these strange things happened. Other things happened but these were the strangest except for when my sister, her boyfriend and my cousin were sitting around in the living room one night just talking.

My sister was on the sofa with me, my cousin was on a swivel chair next to the sofa and my sister's boyfriend was across the room next to a window which had a record player in front of it. Out of the clear blue sky the drapes came down from the window. I don't mean they fell down, they came down very slowly and the sides were even as though someone were holding them. We all watched in amazed silence as they dropped. When they finally dropped they folded back from the floor over the record player.

My cousin and my sister's boyfriend fixed the drapes and all three of them left me home alone with a one year old baby. I told my grandmother about this and told her it all started when I got those cookies from the witch I didn't even know. My grandmother told me to give her the cookies because she wasn't afraid.

A few days after she got the cookies she was fixing her decorations for the house when she heard carolers singing in her front yard. A new snow was falling and although she disliked "The First Noel" that was the song they were singing and it was so beautiful she loved it. She asked my uncle to go check on the carolers but for some reason he wouldn't. The next day she asked everyone if the carolers had come to their houses too and got blank looks. She quit asking and when she looked in her yard where she thought the carolers had been there were no footprints in the fresh snow.

That's my story and it's true or I wouldn't say this.

Thespooked is Jeanette. from Oh How I Love Jesus

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