Monday, October 31, 2005

All-Time Photo Caption Contest Standings! Are you a CAP-HOG?

Dr. Evil's henchmen are everywhere, but they are easily distracted as usual.

I have managed to find a computer terminal here in his secret volcano island lair. While I am waiting for help to arrive, I will use the time to post something very special!

In honor of our First "Blogiversary" here at The Right Place, I have decided to give you all a running scoreboard for bragging rights in our popular Photo Caption Contests. As of this posting, we have completed 15 contests, most of them unqualified successes!

I have awarded points as follows:

1st Place = 10 pts
2nd Place = 7 pts
3rd Place = 5 pts
4th or 5th Place = 3 pts
6th Place on up or Special Mentions = 1 pt

Tie-breaks are figured on best top scores. A first place finisher beats someone whose highest finish was second place and so-on. If they are still tied, we move on to second best finishes, third best finishes and so-forth.

Keep in mind, the way scores are figured, getting in the top 3 can move you up the list very fast, especially first place finishes! So, wherever you may rank now, even if you haven't yet scored, you are never very far from the upper echelon - so keep on playing!

Photoshops were a tough thing to score. They are time consuming, but they have only been provided thus far by one individual, so there really has been no "competition" as it were. So, in recognition of his fine work, placing 5 photoshops onto our Winners posts thus far, we are simply going to award the man his own place in the spotlight. Our King of the Photoshops...

  • Chris from Lucky Dawg News

  • Now for the Caption Players Hall of Glory (CAP-HOG for short). Point totals are in parentheses. Those with first place finishes are indicated by a "Winner" tag...

  • 1) Rodney Dill from Outside the Beltway (40) (2-Time Winner)

  • 2) Hoodlumman from File It Under... (28) (Winner)

  • 3) Spacemonkey from IMAO and The Flying Spacemonkey Chronicles (27) (Winner)

  • 4) Don (23) (Winner)

  • 5) WG (22)

  • 6) Buckley F. Williams from The Nose on Your Face (20) (Winner)

  • 7) Edward (17) (Winner)

  • 8) D. Carter (16)

  • 9) Maggie (15) (Winner)

  • 10) Windhamite (15)

  • 11) SJJ (14) (Winner)

  • 12) Rob B. from File It Under... (14) (Winner)

  • 13) THIRDWAVEDAVE (14) (Winner)

  • 14) I. Ronnie from Now That's Ironic (14)

  • 15) Bullwinkle from Random Numbers (13)

  • 16) Bill W. (12) (Winner) [The Gil Thorp link? Still a mystery...]

  • 17) Mike from Grendel's Dragon (11) (Winner)

  • 18) Charles Austin from Sine Qua Non Pundit (11) (Winner)

  • 19) Steve O (11)

  • 20) Brainster also at Lifelike Pundits (10) (Winner)

  • 21) Special Ed (10)

  • 22) Will Franklin from WILLisms (10)

  • 23) The Man from GOP and the City (9)

  • 24) Gerry Owen (8)

  • 25) Peter from Catholicism Redux (8)

  • 26 tie) Laurence Simon from This Blog Is Full Of Crap and IMAO (7) [Keep in mind, he's known as a captions ace throughout the blogosphere - and he's only played here once so far!]

  • 26 tie) Sean P (7)

  • 26 tie) The Texas Songbird (7)

  • 29) PK from The Undergrad (6)

  • 30) Evan (6)

  • 31 tie) Axel Kassel (5)

  • 31 tie) Dave (5)

  • 31 tie) Oregano from Cafe Oregano (5)

  • 34) Giacomo from Joust the Facts (5)

  • 35) Dr. Phat Tony (4)

  • 36) MFG (4)

  • 37) V the K from Caption This! (4) [With only two weeks under his belt, he's another serious threat to scale the rankings - fast!]

  • 38) ILikeIke (3)

  • 39 tie) Bill C from Brain Droppings (3)

  • 39 tie) Crimsonfisted from WhatAMaroon (3)

  • 39 tie) Greg Toombs (3)

  • The following players all have 1 point each and are tied for 42nd Place overall. So, who among them is ready to bust out? Only time will tell...

    Darrell from The Southern Conservative
    Emile Zola
    Ferdinand T. Cat from The Conservative Cat
    Gunn Nutt
    John the Trog
    Marathon Pundit
    Mister Snitch!
    Pam from Blogmeister USA and Lifelike Pundits
    And, last but never least, Zsa Zsa, who remains our favorite caption player no matter where she may currently rank!

    To everyone on this list, regardless of where, congratulations - you deserve to take a bow!

    Remember, you can't win if you don't play! Keep up the great caption work, everybody!

    Uh-oh! Someone's coming! I'll be back again as soon as I can!

    [NOTE: Minor correction made to rankings. I originally had posted a 4-way tie for 38th, but upon further review, ILikeIke's 4th Place finish trumps the 5th Place finishes of the other 3.]


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