Monday, October 31, 2005

Like Stuck on Stupid Kryptonite...

You Bush-lovers are so stupid! The O-Dub meter says Smirky is in trouble.

What is the O-Dub meter? When Smirk McSmirky's approval ratings get below my body fat percentage, that triggers the O-Dub meter... and the craving for a bag of tortilla chips with queso and guacamole.

I see Shrub has nominated another rich, white racist to the Supreme Court. Now we'll fire up the Obstructometer 3000TM, piloted by Harry Reid and Howard Dean and get this nomination stalled!

The Obstructometer 3000TM is another Soros creation and just another way that we're gonna take back this country!

Now who wants waffles?!??

Who is (not actually) Olliver Willis for Halloween? That's a secret...

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