Sunday, October 30, 2005

Typical Lying, Paleface, Propoganda

Many people speak with great wonder and joy of this "Halloween/Blogoversary" celebration being held here at The Right Place. But do they know the real story? I think not.

Let me educate you palefaces. Your precious friends at "The Right Place", like all so-called "bloggers", are nothing but no-good thieves who have once again taken from my people what is rightfully theirs.

First of all, the word "blog" is derived from the ancient Navajo term "ke-mo-blog-ee", which literally translated means "he who sits at his computer checking his Sitemeter statistics for many moons without ever bothering to eat, bathe or even look at porn."

I'll bet you didn't know that did you? That's because the white man doesn't want you to know. Do these "bloggers" acknowledge their roots by paying tribute to my people? Don't make me laugh.

But there's more. I actually created this ke-mo-blog-ee. Except at the time it was called "Teepee Talk With Ward." I brought Mr. Right in about six months after I started to help out. The next thing I knew, his high-powered paleface lawyers took away my site, renamed it and took down all of the pictures of my original paintings.

So enjoy your little party Right, but you haven't heard the last of Ward Churchill.

Go ahead, Click Here to commit yet another vile and treacherous act against my people.

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