Monday, November 06, 2006

The "Endorsement" to End All Endorsements!

This is freakin' hilarious!

Like many other bloggers out there, I have found myself on many e-mailing lists. Some of the mass mailings I receive, I actually do read when I have the time and the subject matter interests me. I don't often blog about it, however, as I am more-or-less a small to mid-level blogger without a huge following; I blog only part-time as the mood strikes me; and I don't really like to just parrot talking points from others when I do.

This particular message, however, from the quite persistent folks at the Diana Irey for Congress campaign, was just pure comedy gold! I really do hope she wins. God knows, I think Mr. Murtha is a Defeat-o-crat of the first order who has slandered our troops and cavorted with the worst elements of the fringe left lately (Code Pink for one example). Not that anyone in her corner of Pennsylvania is likely to read this little blog, but this is just way too funny not to share with everyone else.

I laughed out loud at the following "endorsement" for Rep. Murtha that the Irey campaign happily sent out far and wide. Not quite ready to believe it wasn't someone mistaking satire for an actual endorsement, I even went so far as to search for a link to the actual online version of the paper in question to confirm that this "endorsement" does, indeed, appear there just as portrayed... IT DOES!

If this is what pases for an "endorsement" nowadays... oh, just read these excerpts for yourselves:

From the November 3, 2006 Johnstown, PA Tribune-Democrat:

...While we endorse the local congressman in his re-election bid, we fear the spending spree that might result from a shift in power, especially as President Bush attempts to carve out a positive legacy in the final two years of his second term.

Our endorsement of Murtha over Republican challenger Diana Irey is done for some reasons that might surprise our readers, and comes with some words of caution for the longtime lawmaker....

Murtha did predict that Bush would be willing to do some dealing during his final two years, especially if the House shifts from Republican to Democratic control. Quite simply, that means spending more money at a time when our federal debt is soaring out of sight.

We urge the congressman, if re-elected, to push for reduced rather than increased spending – even if it means some of the “pork” local folks have come to love is not available.

After all, why should we get excited about Murtha bringing our own money back to this area? We’d rather keep it and spend it as we see fit.

We would also urge Murtha to sit down with area veterans who clearly have different views on the Iraq conflict than he does.

We are frightened by Murtha’s willingness to align himself with California Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Clearly, Murtha is hoping that relationship paves the way for his ascension to a position of higher power in the House. But we don’t believe our region’s values match well with Pelosi’s, and we don’t see much good coming for the 12th district – even if the relationship benefits the congressman.

Beyond that, Murtha has endeared himself to liberals on both coasts – raising money for his allies in California, New England and elsewhere. We hope he can keep these “friends” and their spending ways in check if the Democrats retake the House.

We are somewhat impressed with Irey, who presents herself as a thoughtful and articulate candidate.

She has some ideas that we’re interested in, including reducing federal spending.

We have opposed closing the borders to immigration, something she supports.

In the end, we endorse Murtha for another go-round in Washington.

But we urge him to remain faithful to his fiscally and socially conservative western Pennsylvania roots – even if it costs him in personal gain and national influence.

(Emphasis mine.)

What a ringing endorsement! Something akin to a woman staying with the ill-tempered, unemployed drunk who beats her hoping he'll change, rather than taking a chance on that nice clean-cut young man who is always so nice to her and trying to curry favor with her. After all, her old boyfriend just needs a little love and all will be made well with the world again... riiiiiiiiight!

Who says the media has lost touch with reality and jumped into bed with the Democrats? Nothing to see here, just move along...

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