Thursday, November 16, 2006

Captions Outrageous! Winners [That Ain't Right Edition]

Time is up, and the judging is over. Who will be crowned the king of the jokesters this week? We'll find out here shortly. Poor G.W. didn't know what hit him on election day, and his face showed it. Your job was to go inside the head of the president and find out what this picture was really about. And, if your entries were funny enough and we're lucky, maybe, JUST MAYBE, Mr. Right will be back in the saddle of the CAPHOG Contest for season two.

GOP & College says: "What the?...Laura?...Did?...Are?... How?"

Well, let's see who all took honors in this week's contest:


-- Expression on Dubya's face when told the 'hanging chads' didn't 'hang' this time. – elliot

-- "No Donald, ya didn't have to ceremonally take off and turn in your suit right now, its your own clothes, not gov't issue." – Rodney Dill

-- So the party loses, I get my amnesty program so I win. Why does this not really bother me? – walrus


#10 President Bush, viewing the Republican road-kill after the election, makes lemonade out of lemons by having a custom jacket made out of Lincoln Chafee's hide. – Pam

#9 Catered party: $3500
Polished off two kegs: $150
Able to piss like a race horse: Priceless – elliot

#8 "I Ain't Felt This Bad Since I Fell Off My Bike and Had a Bucket Full Of Ass Blisters." – radio free fred

#7 Conservatism? Was THAT the missing ingredient? – walrus

#6 Rutgers? RUTGERS??? – walrus

#5 "Can we have a do-over?" – Carl

#4 Whadda mean its not pronounced Nu-cu-lar?- Rodney Dill

#3 What do you mean, "They voted with their middle fingers?" – The Random Yak

#2 I bet ya if we get Hillary a cute intern she'll.... – Bagelblogger

And the Winner

#1 What 'choo talkin' 'bout, Nancy! – The Random Yak

Once again, thank you all for playing, and hopefully we can get back to the official points battles this coming Friday.

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