Monday, November 06, 2006

What Soldiers Are Saying

I get daily E-mails from CentCom in my mail box, and often times it is a recurring theme of "What Extremists Are Saying." It gives a blunt look at exactly what the media avoids when talking about Islamic Extremists:
The fact that they want to kill as many Americans as possible.

Well, Confederate Yankee, and Chester of The Adventures of Chester were given the oppertunity by Central Command to each interview two United States Military Police who are stationed in Iraq. Those interviewed were Staff Sargant Jason Oliver and Specialist Kimberly McGuiness.

Confederate Yankee's interview is here,
And Chester's Podcast of the interview is here.

Topics covered were:
Summarizing their duties.
The infamous 600,000 dead in Iraq study.
Is Iraq really the hell hole the media plays it out as?
Is progress being made?
Is the violence deteriorating?
What previous experience do the Iraqi Police have?
What could the Iraqi Police do to perform better?

And most importantly:
Will the Democrat solution of Cut and Run work? (Hint, signs point to NO!)

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