Sunday, November 12, 2006

Liberal Fact Mixing

"That ('under God') part is sort of offensive to me," student trustee Jason Ball, who proposed the ban, told Reuters. "I am an atheist and a socialist, and if you know your history, you know that 'under God' was inserted during the McCarthy era and was directly designed to destroy my ideology."
I don't see why Ball should be so up tight about the pledge. After all, it was written by socialist Francis Bellamy in 1892.

And to deny that this country was founded by Christian, God Fearing people is just plain wrong. In fact, let's break it down shall we?

Signers of the Declaration of Independence:
All 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were raised as Christians.

Signers of The Articles of Confederation:
All 48 signers of The Articles of Confederation were raised as Christians.

The Delegates of The Constitutional Convention of 1787 (including the 39 people who signed the United States Constitution)
All 39 signers of the United States Constitution, and the 16 non-signers of the Constitution were raised as Christians.

All 204 people who could be considered "founding fathers," whether they signed the Declaration of Independence, signed the Articles of Confederation, attended the Constitutional Convention of 1787, signed the Constitution of the United States of America, served as Senators in the First Federal Congress (1789-1791), or served as U.S. Representatives in the First Federal Congress were raised in Christian families. Many of them were either ministers, or the children of ministers.

Liberals proclaim that a majority of the Founding fathers were Deists who do not believe in the preachings in The Bible, however, out of the 204 Founding Fathers, only 3 are listed as Deists, and all of them were raised Episcopalian. With this information, how can secular liberals honestly say, "Our country was not founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs?"

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